Monday, July 9, 2007

Tim Armstrong

I was so excited when i first heard the latest project from Tim Armstrong after having spent most of my middle school years rocking out to Rancid and Operation Ivy. Timothy Lockwood, otherwise known as Tim Armstrong provided the soundtrack for many a summer Warped Tour Festivals before they became yucky emo pits of dispair...not music. It is sad, but true-and everyone knows it. I cannot even count the number of times i saw Rancid but i remember loving each and every show, no matter how old my friends kept saying they were getting. To me, their music was ageless. Tim's latest project is a solo album. A very enjoyable solo album. A mix of ska, punk, reggea and funk it is very different from what you would expect-displaying just how talented of an artist he truly is. It made me want to dust off my Sublime albums, climb up to my roof and bask in the summer sunshine. It could also work if you want to seek shelter with your friendly AC unit. Choose your locale and give it a listen.
Rancid-Time Bomb.mp3
Rancid-Ruby Soho.mp3
Tim Armstrong-Into Action.mp3
Tim Armstrong-Wake Up.mp3

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