Monday, July 30, 2007

TV on The Radio @ McCarren

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Oh what a week! Bat For Lashes on Monday, White Stripes on Tuesday, David Vandervelde on Wednesday, & Sonic Youth on Saturday. One would think at this point I would have had my fill of live music.....but oh no, Sunday was Tv On The Radio playing a free show at McCarren Park and Pool and I was not missing it! If I recall correctly, last year this band put one of the top 3 albums of 2006 (if not the best album of 2006). The day, which seemed to be on everyone's calendar, seemed no longer to be a top priorty once the weather appeared to be pretty nasty. With the dropping of people attending the show, I still managed to find 3 friends down for the show and what do you know, it didn't even rain! The only thing people were covered in was sweat from the heat and the blistering sounds of Tv On The Radio! Once the band hit the stage at about 6:00 PM sharp the flood of people made their way to the front and the pool was pretty crowded yet comfortable. The band opened with "Wash The Day" which is what everyone was pretty much feeling from being out for part of the day in the rain and it just seemed to be a perfect way to get things going. The set consised of material of both of their LP's. Tracks I remember off the top of my head are "Dirtywhirl", "I Was a Lover", "The Wrong Way", "Staring At The Sun", "Dreams", "Province", "A Method", "Hours", "Let The Devil In", and without a doubt a full fledge rocking version of "Wolf Like Me." The set also had plenty of guests which assisted on vocals and an assortment of instruments.

One of the coolest sites was the little girl on stage for the set closer of "Satellite" who was playing a shaker and watching Kyp get down on his knees in front of her while he was playing guitar and them both just staring at a each other. Anyhow, this was just a simply great show and what a way to end a killer week of live music. I do want to note that it was mighty cool of TV On The Radio to do this free show considering they could have easily charged $35.00 a ticket and most likely even sold out....but I guess it's just the way a cool band is willing to say thanks to their hometown crowd.

-Jaime W.

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DJA said...

Hey Jaime,

Thanks for the link. I'm assuming the little girl must have been Kyp's daughter -- does anyone know for sure?

(Also, for what it's worth, I'm reasonably certain that TVOTR would have been handsomely paid by the concert promoters for this appearance.)