Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Video Nasties are a highly recommended listen to anyone who likes The Maccabees, for they sound scarily alike. There are a five piece band based out of London with no apparent US contacts thus far according to their myspace page. James is the main vocalist, plays guitar and is brothers with Max who slams on the drums. Meanwhile Harry plays guitar and Joseph tests out the bass. A bit of a boring description but together these five friends have been playing together ever since they were all introduced during a rowdy night out in North London. With a combined age of 18 and armed with only a EP it will be interesting to see where they go from here and if they ever make it stateside. For now i enjoy their brand of brash London schoolboy charm laced with gritty guitars and cheeky lyrics. They are pure British pop fun and would easily fit into any night out on the dancefloor while the summer is still warming up.
The Video Nasties-I Wanna.mp3
the Video Nasties-The 3 New Ideas.mp3

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