Thursday, July 19, 2007

White Stripes-Finish Canadian Tour

So they completed what they set out to do-touring every providence in Canada and Rollingstone Magazine nicely provides us with the photos to prove it. Glide Magazine covers the adventures of their friend Dafun during his journey to the Stripe's 700th gig on the last night of their Canadian voyage.
"Glace Bay is located almost as far east as you can go on the island of Cape Breton, the easternmost part of Nova Scotia. The theater for the duo’s 10th Anniversary show held about 700 people and was painted red, white and black. This crowd was out-of-control-excited. The room was filled in ton of relative of Jack’s — I sat direct next to 91-year-old women who was related to Jack’s grandmother. Prior to the show, they brought champagne out to celebrate the occasion. The show began with bagpipers and a drummer leading the band out. From start to finish, as you’d probably expect, the show was amazing, a captivating affair."
Craziness...i would have loved to be at any of their secret engagements! I highly recommend checking out the rest of his report along with lovely video clips.

Have to love Jack White in a kilt!
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