Friday, July 6, 2007

White Stripes take over Canada

Jack wasn't kidding...give him a place to play and he and Meg will make something out of it. I couldn't help but think of the lyrics to 'Rag and Bone' as i was 'starting' my work day (Ahem...checking on music news and seeing what my lovely bands are up to...) and reading news of the latest flash White Stripes secret show. "Keep going, we're not tired. Got plenty of places to go, lots of homes we ain't been to yet. West side, southwest side, middle-east, rich house, dog house, outhouse, old folks house, house for unwed mothers, halfway homes, catacombs, twilight zones. Looking for techniques, turntables to gramophones." My favorite of their shows has to be the daycare center show because of this quote alone, "I was very nervous," said eight-year-old Dylan. "I'll tell my brother I sang in a rock band and there was a band in the YMCA and that's all." Enjoy the videos...they aren't the best of quality but they can't help but make you smile.
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