Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Decemberists and Grizzly Bear cast spell on Central Park Audience

With the weather being near perfect-Monday night was a great night to be at the Summerstage. Having to work till 7, I was only able to listen to the tail end of Grizzly Bear and I must say they sounded good. Their music blends quite well with the outdoors and gives one an overall eerie vibe (I think their latest album 'Yellow House' is one of the better albums of 2006 and when listened to with the lights off can give one some chills). As per The Decemberists, well, they were just what I wanted for a nice simmer evening outdoors in Central Park. Drawing not so heavily from their most recent release, 'Crane Wife', Colin and his crew of melody makers really had the audience enraptured. If there was one crowd that was not afraid to clap when the band said clap, it was this one. Everywhere you looked people were really enjoying the music and having a good time. Overall, The Decemberists gave the sold out audience just what they wanted and left everyone straight up feeling good. Although, I could say I was disappointed I did not get 13 Military Wives....what can I say, I love that song.
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Decemberists-Sons and Daughters
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-Jaime W.

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Anonymous said...

I believe it's 16 Military Wives