Monday, June 30, 2008


Another Ogre You Asshole pick, this one is titled 'Advantage.' MMMMMmmmmm lovin.


OGRE YOU ASSHOLE! Just Japan- send us some lovins!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Writers block=happy weekend post!

Bad thing about starting to be semi-good at my job is it leads to business proposals. Yeah. Which I have absolutely NO CLUE how to write. After staring at my computer while the clock ticks away (in a room without air conditioning) frantically sipping my green tea I still have yet to make a mark on my 'new word document' page. There it is. Staring at me- and one hour of work left to go. Maybe dancing until all hours of the night was not a good idea. Then again, you only live once. Plus it was purely in the name of musical research. One must know ones' competition, right? So i hope you all had way more productive Friday's than myself. If you did not-you still have time. Check out The King Khan and the Shrines. You might find it impossible to stay still while listening to this twelve piece ensemble. Just in time to crank it into the weekend. Enjoy yourself kids. Don't forget to head out to Prospect Park tonight for the FREE Sam Champion, Elvis Perkins, COld War Kiddies Show! Sunday night is the next FRICTION series showcase at The Cake Shop with Crystal Stilts, Tickley Feather and Pwrfl Power. OwoW!
Sonic Youth-Electricity.mp3
Why?-Good Friday.mp3
The White Stripes-Party Of Special Things To Do.mp3
BBQ-Debra Lee.mp3
BBQ-Hang On.mp3
King Khan And The Shrines-Land of The Freak.mp3
King Khan And The Shrines-Wanna Be Girl.mp3

To curb my jealousy

"The good people at National Geographic are webcasting this Saturday's (June 28) concert with Bjork and Sigur Ros (to name a few) on their website from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. ET (begins at 8 p.m. BST/London or 7 p.m. GMT/Reykjavik).

National Geographic Music, will Webcast the open-air Náttúra concert live from Iceland on Saturday, June 28, 2008.

To be held in a large park near the center of Reykjavik, all of the performances will be during daylight, with Iceland’s capital city and dramatic rolling scenery providing a perfect backdrop to what is expected to be one of the biggest concerts the country has seen. The Náttúra concert looks to raise awareness of the impact of the growing aluminum smelting activity on Iceland’s natural landscape.

“One of National Geographic Music’s main goals is to offer artists and experts who care about global culture and the environment an outlet to create awareness for important issues. Spotlighting these amazing artists performing live in a spectacular backdrop allows our worldwide audience to enjoy great music and become aware of Iceland’s environmental concerns and join the conversation,” said David Beal, president of National Geographic Entertainment.

Takk fyrir (thank you) National Geographic!"-
Icelandic Airways
***HAVE FUN MIKE! So jealous!***
Sigur Ros-Festival.mp3
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

U R a Fever

This is a show I wish was coming somewhere near me, even though I was lucky enough to recently have seen The Raconteurs. They are hitting the road again in September with one of my favorite duo's The Kills and even playing the famed Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The Black Keys and My Morning Jacket are playing there this summer as well-on my birthday...might have to make a last minute trip for that one. Hopefully you will be lucky enough to have this tour come near you as well!
9/14 Morrison, CO-Red Rocks Amphitheatre
9/16 & 17-Portland, OR-Roseland Theatre
9/18 Vancouver, BC-Malkin Bowl
9/19 Seattle, WA-WaMu Theater
9/21 San Francisco, CA-Treasure Island Fest
9/22 & 23- Los Angeles, CA-Greek Theatre
9/24 San Diego, CA-SDSU Theatre
9/25 Santa Barbara, CA-SB Bowl
9/28 Austin, TX-ACL Festival
9/28 Memphis, TN-The Cannon Center
9/30 Nashville, TN-Ryman Auditorium
10/1 Atlanta, GA-The Tabernacle
The Raconteurs- These Stones Will Shout.mp3
The Kills-Cheap And Cheerful.mp3
The Kills-Dead Road 7.mp3
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


On March 7th BLK JKS performed at the Knitting Factory as part of a FADER party and I do not know where I was at the time, but I should have been there. If i had any taste at all, i would have been. Hailing from Johannasburg they recorded their EP at Electric Lady Studios just down the street which you can only currently find at Other Music. Released last week there does not seem to be much of a buzz behind their five-song EP, Mystery-but i have a feeling that is all about to change. Drenched with layers of bluesy-jazz, reggae infused riffs and rocking guitar stylistics their music is best summed up as sick. You should be rushing to purchase their limited 1o" vinyl as quickly as I was. Check out their blog here:

BLKS JKS-Mzabalazo.mp3
BLK JKS-Lakeside.mp3

I will dance and sway while you dream away~

Memories of Seneca Lake
Scandanavian singer/songwriter Tallest Man on Earth aka Kristian Matsson finds himself the object of my affection this week. He warbles and squeals in all the right places and I imagine him to have the stage prescence of Elvis Perkins. What first struck a cord with me is not who he obviously sounds like but how his voice has a pulse all of it's own that is at once both warm and endearing. Most of the other men who are trying to imminate their idols are stoic and aloof yet Kristian in comparison seems optimistic- almost jovial in his delivery. I was shocked to discover he hails from Sweden since he sounds like he has just woken up from an afternoon moonshine induced slumber, birds chirping in the background armed with a crackling, dusty guitar. It is elements like this that set him apart from the pack as well as his adoration for some other American storytellers such one of the best bluesman, legendary John Hurt. When I first became a fan of Jose it was because of his skittish, shy delivery and breathtaking lyrics. Kristian's melodies are simple yet alluring and he is a welcome presence on the scene. Shallow grave is his first full-length debut album and was released on the Scandinavia market back in March through Trough Gravitation/Border. European and US releases to follow.
The Tallest Man On Earth-Over The Hills.mp3
Tallest Man On Earth-Won't Be Found.mp3 *my favorite*

Dodos Live at 6:oo (EST) on KEXP!

One of the things I am most looking forward to this summer is seeing The Dodos again. I will be getting my chance during the Pitchfork Music Festival in July and for those of you staying in the city you can see them for free at the Siren Music Festival out in Coney Island on July 19th. One of my favorite bands of the year the Dodos of course remind me of Animal Collective and Panda Bear (and a dash of White Stripes). I am happy I was finally educated on Panda Bear and thanks to one of the best Sundays I ever spent they sank in and I fell head over heels in love with their eclectic and chirpy lit. Spend sometime with The Dodos and you are sure to have the same experience. It will be worth the indulgence, trust me. They are stopping by KEXP today at 6:oo PM (EST) and 3:oo Seattle time. Their Daytrotter sessions is one of my favorites so i am sure KEXP will be just as enjoyable. Or it might just make those last few minutes of work tick by a little quicker.
The Dodos-Red and Purple live at Daytrotter.mp3
The Dodos-Men-Daytrotter Session.mp3
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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Peter Sellers

Regina Spektor is working the touring market again. Overwhelmingly lovely in every way she is one of my favorite female artists and friends with my favorite nYc band. Remembering where she came from and those who have helped her along the way she is returning the favor and has invited Albert Hammond, Jr. and bandmates: Josh Latanzi, Marc Eskenazi and Matt Romano to open for her show at McCarren Pool on Friday, August 15th. Tickets officially go on sale Friday at 10 AM via Ticketmaster or you can try during the Pre-sale (password=concert) which is going on right now. Credit- BrooklynV. As for Albert he is playing an invite only show on Monday night at the Mercury Lounge. My lovely friends over at the MusicSlut have a few extra tickets that if you are super lucky you might be able to score. If that's what you're into.
Regina Spektor-Summer In The City.mp3
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The honest songwriter and his relationship with words

Yesterday morning I was overwhelmed with all of the environmental/science stories in the Times so it was refreshing to read this piece written by Peter Holsapple revealing the process he goes through while writing his songs. Cheerful and optimisitic it is evident he enjoys his craft without taking himself terribly seriously.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I am sick of old men dreaming up wars for young men to die

A patriotic film to share with your family about one of my first TRUE heroes just in time for the holidays.

And we're slow to acknowledge the knots in our laces

I spend my days working in the music industry yet i studied biology and environmental studies. Shortly after graduating i took a job canvasing outside of DC trying to convince people to sign the clean-air act. Daily i became more and more disenchanted with my career path interrupting families during their dinner with their families. Most of the time they refused to even listen. It was definitely not the job for me and shortly thereafter I moved to the concrete streets of nYc and have not returned to work towards environmental protection since. Wherever I work I recycle everything i can get my hands on and even when I know it might be crossing the line (like yelling at my boss when he callously tosses his 5th plastic water bottle of the day in the bin) i still stand up for what i believe in. If you don't try to do your own part, no matter how small-things won't change. You know there is a problem when parts of the globe that are not even inhabited are experiencing pollution problems to the extent like this ONE beach in Alaska. Just one beach...out of thousands. Yesterday i started working even closer with a company, i could not adore more and it made me love them even more when i inquired after all of the newsprint and bubblewrap used to transport cds from Seattle to our shores and i was told to hold onto them until we could a. reuse these supplies or b. recycle them. Sticking to what you hold dear and believe in always pays off and in my experience leads you to some of the most wonderful people you could possibly meet- who think likewise. “If you go to Subway, and they give you the plastic bag, how long do you use the plastic bag? One minute. And how long will the polymers in that bag last? Hundreds of years.”
*Rest of the article in the New York Times describing the problem in detail

Friday, June 20, 2008

We were so entangled

From Girl Talk, Wolf Parade, Head Like A Kite and The Rapture. Enjoy! Girl Talk followed Radioheads' lead of offering his sophomore album, Feed the Animals for whatever your little heart wishes to pay, you can purchase it here.
Girl Talk-Like This.mp3
Head Like A Kite-No Ordinary Caveman.mp3
The Rapture-No Sex For Ben.mp3
Wolf Parade-Soldier's Grin.mp3

After the Jump Festival!

After the Jump Festival is the dream baby of a collective of New York-based music bloggers, non-profits and local companies that come together for one day of music on the streets of Williamsburg and at events throughout the city. Tomorrow the madness ensues when some of my favorite artists The Antlers, The Shackeltons, and Pela take over North 6th street and turn it into a musical playground. Check out the schedule!

Pela-Good Foot on a Bad Doorsetp.mp3
The Crystal Antlers-Owl.mp3
The Antlers-Uprooted.mp3
The Ponytails-Sky Drool.mp3
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Give thy thoughts no tongue

One of my favorite things about living in nYc during the summer is the free Shakespeare in the park shows. I am a huge huge huge Shakespeare nerd. I have to thank my older and therefore wiser sister for this. She taught herself to read and from that point on was always found propped up in her secret places (usually under tables) coloring and making up stories or poems. After she discovered Sir William her life changed and she became obsessed with all things pertaining to England, particularly London and the walls of her room became covered with soliloquies and lyrical declarations of adoration or disdain- which thanks to the beauty of his writing sort of sound the same. Right now you can check out Hamlet with the talented Lauren Ambrose playing Ophelia. Six Feet Under was and will remain my favorite television show of all time and seeing her on stage would be reason enough for me to wait in line for tickets. Check out the NY Times review. Happy almost Summer!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sigur Ros shows in September

Beautiful Sigur Ros
This time last year I felt like I was writing about Bjork every five seconds and now it is Sigur Ros. Icelandic FEVER! Presale starts tomorrow at 9 AM sharp for their two night run at United Palace Theater. I have seen the Black Crowes and Arcade Fire there and can happily say it is definitely a good match for Sigur Ros. Maybe not as fitting as the MOMA, but close. The dates to take note of are Wednesday, September 17th and Thursday September 18th. As I prevously stated they are worth checking out for their beyond beautiful live show that they unleash. Check out the rest of their tour dates here please!
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Modest Mouse-Tonight at WMH Tickets on Sale At Noon

This is tough because i LOVE Modest Mouse. Have for ages...all throughout their grey days and into their glory days of opening for R.E.M. at MSG tonight. They are stellar live and their fans are some of the most fun people to hang out with of all the shows i have attended. They sing along, they don't push and they genuinely give back love towards the stage with every song. If it wasn't for CRYSTAL CASTLES being down the street at Studio B I would be there. I have a feeling both will be hitting the stage at the same time and well...Crystal Castles is like crack to my ears right now. If you do head out for Modest Mouse you should go early and see The Rosewood Thieves at Galapagos with Luke Temple. Tickets for Modest Mouse go on sale at Noon HERE.
****THIS SHOW IS AT 1 AM************
Modest Mouse-Fire It Up.mp3
Modest Mouse-Dramamine.mp3
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We had to get drunk because we all have girlfriends to go home and deal with

Oh Caleb, you are such a smooth-talker aren't you. Besides being the owner of the skinniest jeans I have ever seen in my life (jawdropping---back stage at Lola last year I couldn't take my eyes off of him attempting to climb up the hill to head to his interviews) he is also so full of salt and wind that you want to hate him-but you can't. At least...I can't. All of their albums push Calebs' songwriting to a new level of intimacy and their live performances are built to impress. Take it or not, Kings of Leon are one of my favorite American bands. Here is some news about their upcoming (4th) album via Rollingstone.
"'I know I sound like a fucking cock right now,' says Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill, 'But this is the first time I've really been proud of myself track for track.' After a grueling 2007 tour, and Caleb's recent surgery to repair his arm after a fistfight with brother Nathan ('Nathan won'), the Kings planned to take a well-deserved break. But when we called them, they were at Nashville's Blackbird Studio, wrapping their fourth disc, out in September.

Three days after his surgery, Caleb says he removed his arm from a sling and began writing. 'I don't know if it was the pills or what, but the melodies were so much stronger than anything I've ever done - it's just really beautiful songs.' In addition to the pills, the band members say they drank all day to fuel songs like 'Cold Desert' and 'Crawl.' (In the latter, Caleb touches on politics: 'Let's just say that Sean Penn is gonna like us more,' he says).

'We had to get drunk because we all have girlfriends to go home and deal with,' he says, before passing the phone to drummer Nathan, who adds, 'Caleb just blew a 1.2 on the Breathalyzer we have here.'"

Kings of Leon-Ragoo.mp3
Kings of Leon-King of the Rodeo.mp3
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My ears are bleeding...

Wow. Seriously. Wow. I mean, it is a blatant outpouring of admiration towards Black Mountain, The White Stripes, and Van Halen but what do they always say- imitation is the purest form of flattery. So my new band to hunt down for the week is Duchess of York out of Richmond, VA. I do not know what is with Richmond but a lot of the new bands I have been loving have been coming from this area. Definitely a hot spot right now. Ages 16, 17, 18 and 21 the bassist and singer are brothers and cousins with the drummer. Have to love the family connection. Even if they remind you of a handful of other bands I still think they are worthy of some attention. Anyone who can play rock with a dash of the blues like they are at such a young age is fine by me.
Duchess of York-Little Boom Box.mp3
Duchess of York-Tangle Me Up.mp3
Duchess of York-21st Century Slave.mp3

Um...Dear Radiohead, It is official, you are the best.

*Art Cred*
They need to stop! Or have my of the two. Just in time for me to buy myself a beautiful "i am turning another year older" present EMI is re-issuing their entire pre-In Rainbows catalog (Ahem, or some of the best albums ever made: The Bends, Hail To the Thief, Amnesiac, Pablo Honey...). Available on Limited Edition 180G VINYL on August 19th. Thank you EMI, thank you Radiohead. Very excited.
Radiohead-Everything In It's Right Place.mp3
Radiohead-Go Slowly.mp3
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Empyrean landscapes

Photo Cred
Take Your Time is the latest exhibition from Danish-Icelandic artist
Olafur Eliasson. Unabashedly inspired during numerous hiking trips to Iceland, his installations embrace the textures, landscapes, and ever-changing environments that make it one of the most treasured environmental beauties on our earth. Exploring the opening hallway one is drenched by swaths of brilliant yellow that sucks out all other life- leaving your palms splattered with blue hints of blood and your veins bulging below your skin you feel small and unknown. Beyond the horizon a rainbow envelopes you in a circular wave of ever-changing light washing over your senses and slowly strangling your pupils as it conquers the rest of your brains' ability to identify and interpret. Obsolete, barren, abrasive, overwhelming, encompassing, fragile, magical, mysterious, endangered and unknown Iceland continues to inspire and give birth to some of the most ethereal forms of art to be embraced during our time. This was not simply a Sigur Ros performance and from the expression of those gathered around me last night I knew I was not alone with my sentimental emotions. It was a showcase of beauty and of love. They sing in a tongue you cannot understand, allowing you to simply exhale and enjoy. Whatever emotion washes over you is welcome in its' purest form without judgement or question. Just like Olafurs' entrance bathed in light Sigur Ros broke through the pretension and fashion of the New York gathered crowd with Svefn-G-Englar, dousing us with a warmth of sound and commencing the outlandish experience we were about to embark upon. With songs that tingle like weeping raindrops and stream along with instrumental footprints that captivate and illuminate theirs is a expression of purity. Luckily I was close enough to be in a space where all those gathered were completely entrenched and stood silently or swayed with their eyes full of awe and affection. So strikingly passionate and beautiful if you enjoy their music it creeps into you and seeks out your most primordial senses and emotions. We all forget how small our planet is most of the time. We rush around and work towards a goal such as a job, an apartment, a vacation, or a relationship. But at times we step back and enjoy the gifts we have been given and the instincts that unite us. We love what we love, we fight for what we believe in and with promise, we hope. Music unites, creates and inspires. For fans of Sigur Ros their show does all of these things with splendor and grace.

*(Setlist care of Jaime, thank you)
~More Photos here
Sigur Ros-Inní mér syngur vitleysingur.mp3
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Monday, June 16, 2008

For all your lies you're still very loveable

Again...but this time around he plays the two songs that absolutely pierce straight through me. Enjoy.

FLEET FOXES NEXT s'il tu plait! You can watch his other episodes here.
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4 am Kayne Set and Guitar Heroes~~~~Bonnaroo *08

Lady power-Chan Marshall at the Roo' (streaming video here)
"Fans stood through an intermittent deluge as My Morning Jacket, a band from Louisville that pushes pealing, surging Southern rock toward soul and psychedelia, played a three-hour set in Saturday’s wee hours. “It feels awesome to be bathed in beautiful golden rain,” said the band’s leader, Jim James."
*Read more about My Morning Jacket on their recent album, Evil Urges here or More about Bonnaroo here
~Or see what video selections Jim James favors care of Courier Journal

~Or read about my favorite guitar hero But the day’s most compelling guitar hero was Jack White of the Raconteurs, who has found every emotionally wrenching possibility of 1970s blues-rock. It’s a style that can be easily and deservedly parodied, and Mr. White knows that full well — he’s done some parodies himself. But with the Raconteurs as co-conspirators on dynamics that build slowly before they explode, Mr. White made all the old guitar-hero tricks — the looping climb, the achingly bent note, the jabbing repeated notes speeding up to a frantic tremolo — sound like genuine testifying again, and his wracked, tearful guitar faces only added to the thrill.
The rest of the competition
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Friday, June 13, 2008

Purely superstitious writing on the wall

It's FRIDAY and if i was staying in town tonight and NOT going to see Sera Cahoone I would be going to the ZOMBIE party to see Pterodactyl! Heck yeah! Even though during a conversation with one of the lamest of boys i have ever met i was informed that dressing up as a zombie is "ohh baby, why'd you do that? that's not sexy! that's just scary" Oh man---still gets me every time. So yes, it is Friday the 13th. Grab someone you love or at least like being near and spend some quality time doing something that gives you goosebumps. It's good for ya! If Zombies aren't your thing then celebrate the Sea Dragon having babies! So beautiful. Whatever you're into have a good one.
The Black Kids-I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (The Twelves Re-mix).mp3
Cut Copy-Lights And Music(Boys Noize Happy Birthday Re-mix).mp3
My Love featuring LCD Soundsystem and Justin Timberlake (Diplo's magic re-mix).mp3
Herbaliser-You're Not All That (Featuring Jessica Darling).mp3
Silversun Pickups-Lazy Eye (Adam Freeland Re-mix).mp3

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It is official...

Tickets will cost a pretty $49.50 and go on sale Friday June 27 at 10:00 AM via Ticketmaster. Their latest album, Evil Urges is lovely, purchase it here.
My Morning Jacket-If All Fails.mp3
My Morning Jacket-I'm Amazed.mp3
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In one ear and out the other

Normally I am not one of those people who dwells on past years of album releases and shows but 2007 was so good it is hard to recover and not remember the past seasons. One of the most enjoyable show(s) and bands to watch grow throughout the year was Fujiya and Miyagi. Coaxed into attending their Mercury Lounge show on a Sunday night (basically to see the Prototypes who cancelled at the last minute) I danced my socks off like it was a Thursday or Friday night. Hits tracks Collarbone and Ankle Injuries became daily tracks harassing the ears of my friends and co-workers to the point that by the time they played South Street Seaport they were well known and loved. With announcements for the fall and winter already accumulating on the calendar be sure to mark September 16th as the day to gather their sophomore release, Lightbulbs. The follow up to Transparent Things not only will showcase new material but also a new band member!
Fujiya and Miyagi-Collarbone.mp3
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Two shows this week that deserve your lovins

First up are my loves The Rosewood Thieves. Still not sure why people are not falling all over themselves for this band like I am. My dearest friend was lucky enough to see them during Jazz Fest in New Orleans at a venue that sounds like it was tailor made for their particular brand of magic. It was one of the only times he has ever resorted to the use of text messaging on his cell phone which is why i know it was that special sort of experience. The bands' sophomore release Rise and Shine only sets in stone what I have already been preaching since their discovery, that Erick is without a doubt an incredibly talented songwriter and performer. Tonight they are playing at Galapagos with Blow Up Hollywood, Sam Bisbee, Kirsten DeHaan, The Nillaz and Discrete Encounter. Tickets are $15 and you can purchase them here or at the door. If i wasn't heading for the comforts of green forests and skies full of stars for a few days I would be truckin on over to BOTH of the Sera Cahoone shows (Friday at Bowery Ballroom and Saturday at Union Hall in Brooklyn-both opening for label mate Grand Archives). I have been meaning to write about her magical voice and music history for month but never feel like my words describe her album enough. Signed to Sub Pop and a former member of Carissa's Wierd (aka the band members of Band of Horses BEFORE they were Band of Horses) she has also been flying a bit under the radar.
The Rosewood Thieves-She Don't Mind.mp3
The Rosewood Thieves-Murder Ballad in Minor G.mp3 (this song breaks my heart)
Sera Cahoone-Only As The Day Is Long.mp3
Sera Cahoone-You Might As Well.mp3
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The Happening

M Night Shyamalan, Sophia Coppola, and Wes Anderson, are my three favorite contemporary directors (in no formal order). I have gone to see all of his films in the theater and squirmed and squealed while taking in the plot's twists and turns. Innovative and obviously an avid lover of Alfred Hitchcock his movies breakdown into the most simplest of plot lines-love and the relationships we have with those that mean the most to us. Templates for his words- the actors within his web always deliver and have provided us, their audience with some of their best on-screen performances. I could not be more excited for this Friday's release--- The Happening. This will be his first film to receive the R rating and not his normal PG-13 and expect the results to be the ultimate experience in spine~tingling suspense. Like all of his other films, M chose to shoot in Pennsylvania forcing the actors out of their comfort zone, embracing the spirit of the movie on another level. Starring Zooey Deschanel it made me appreciate seeing her live with She and Him even more for choosing this role.

I'm sorry that you would think that I would steal your fire

If i ever had any doubt in my heart of hearts about just how much i daily miss The Strokes then it became crystal clear to me during the Tribeca Film Festival/ASCAP Lounge while listening to Nickle Creeks' Chris Thile cover Heart Beats In It's Cage. The song has such range and strength and seeing it performed simply and cleverly by one musician made me fall in love with it all over again. Not that i could ever shake off or forget how much i dearly and deeply love everything and anything that Julian Casablancas has ever written but it brought it back to me with such a ping of sadness. Their last album did not receive the credit it justly deserved. I will always be proud and loving of what they tried to do. It was a break from Is This It and Room on Fire and the music world barely paused to notice. Just watching the video posted below should make one wake up and realize how fragile and weary-yet forceful and intelligent Julian is as a songwriter. Barely unveiling his feelings in interviews he comes across as being confident and cooler-than-thou but it is all a facade. As a fan I am happy to see his name in the headlines again making music, even if it is for a Converse Ad. Hey, Jules loves his Cons, you can't kick him for that. However, the song could have used a bit more work-especially since it has three talented artists contributing to the flow. Stereogum posted the whole bit here. Look out for the advertisement to hit your local MTV programming sometime soon (most likely). Then immediately run to your Strokes albums and remind yourself of what the rest of the music community seems to have forgotten- that yes, they are brilliant and for a bit they DID change music-especially in NYC. That-you can't ignore.

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Don't forget-Sigur Ros @ 12 PM

For the show at the MOMA on June 17th. Follow this link around 12:oo PM (EST).
Sigur Ros-Suð í eyrum.mp3
Sigur Ros-Ára bátur.mp3
Sigur Ros Tags
*Thanks for the tunes F*F*

Monday, June 9, 2008

the RUBY suns*~`

Today The Dodos announced a tour date for September at the Spiegeltent which reminded me of The Ruby Suns who hail from New Zealand and remind me of Panda Bear and the like. Unlike these two bands they have a wider range of instruments and definitely experiment more with a free-flowing folk'eske sort of sound. But not the Americana folk songs that you are used to, these sound like what you would imagine New Zealanders would create in their land of dense forests and fern covered paths. Lush and exotic listening to them is like taking a mini-vacation if you remember how to get in touch with your imagination at the end of the day. If you check out their myspace page make sure to stop by their friends, Men Amongst Animals who remind me of The French Kicks hanging out with The Shins. Definitely check out their track Slow Years. Very enjoyable. The Ruby Suns will be playing the city on July 29th and 30th (Williamsburg Music Hall and Bowery Ballroom respectively). Tickets are still available.
Ruby Suns-There Are Birds.mp3
The Ruby Suns-Oh, Mojave.mp3
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Who said PArtY?

Cof Cof is ANa AnALÓgiCa and ÁLex CuAradO and they are making the trek from Valencia, Spain to our LES in August. Before that happens you should check out their sound if you are at all fans of CSS, New Young Pony Club, Los Campesinos! or I'm From Barcelona. Yes, some of their tracks sound muffled and could use a bit of production or fine-tuning but it will be worth turning out to see what they have to offer live. Their simple songs in our foreign tongue tell tales of being sloshed on Saturday nights and those horrific girls who steal people's boyfriends, or following your destiny. Storylines that translate no matter where you are from once you are in the realm of pop music.

********UPCOMING SHOWS**************
Jun 27-Nasti Valencia~Valencia, Valencia
Jul 2-Rolando y su funnybunny~Barcelona
Aug 20-Lit Lounge NY, New York
Aug 22-Rehab~NY, New York
Aug 23-Crash Mansion~NY, New York
Cof Cof-Caribbean Boy.mp3
Cof Cof- My Hdd Is Broken.mp3

You might say i am young- you might say i'm unlearned

Interesting that this popped up in the news today since i almost was squashed crossing the road on my walk to work this morning listening to none other than Bob Dylan. I immediately gave the SUV trying to mow me down during the walking man my nastiest look and thought- how can you almost hit someone when they are listening to Dylan?! Silly, but this is how i think. Seems like Dylan has Obama fever just in time for Hill to step out of the picture. I think my Dad would be satisfied with this news-who has patently been waiting for a change for quite some time now.

“Well, you know right now America is in a state of upheaval. Poverty is demoralising. You can’t expect people to have the virtue of purity when they are poor. But we’ve got this guy out there now who is redefining the nature of politics from the ground up…Barack Obama. He’s redefining what a politician is, so we’ll have to see how things play out. Am I hopeful? Yes, I’m hopeful that things might change. Some things are going to have to.”

-Bob Dylan, in London’s The Times
(from the June 4th edition).

*Tour dates
Bob Dylan-Masters of War.mp3
Bob Dylan-Hard Rain.mp3

Friday, June 6, 2008

~`IL fAit cHaud`~

So looks like we are going to hit our first HOT weekend of the (almost) summer in the city. Highly exciting. Especially since there are some incredibly good shows to go to- one of which that allows you to enjoy the sun and music at the same time. Lucky Dragons tomorrow as part of the East River Music Project starting at 2 PM sharp. Tonight Pela, a KEXP favorite is playing at Bowery with one of my local favorites The Big Sleep. If you have not seen them, you should. Recently Billy McCarthy sliced a tendon in his hand during a live performance- gruesome yes, passionate-100%. Sunday is the next FRICTION series concert with THESE NEW PURITANS(so excited!) at Billyburg Music Hall. You know it. So slap on some sunblock, download all of these goodies from some of my favorite lady lovers and enjoy your weekend. You~earned~it.
Lykke Li-I'm Good I'm Gone-(Black Kids Re-mix).mp3
*Dear dear Lykke Li- so my love for the summer!
Vivian Girls-Where Do You Run To.mp3
Stricken City-Tak o Tak.mp3
Portishead-We Carry On.mp3
*Just getting into this album---expect more gushing once I have throughly become involved.
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Electric Hot Pink Airwaves

Warning Parents: Might Cause Innocents to vibrate and shake
Auzzies. Lately, they are on fire! Modular Records based out of Sydney and home to Cut Copy and The Presets is the label responsible for creating quite the stir on the dance floor this summer. Trusting Jaime as I always do I procured a ticket to see The Presets last night at Bowery Ballroom months ago. Apparently they opened up for both The Rapture and Hot Chip-at two shows I attended, but I do not remember seeing them. Or at least not a performance the likes of which I experienced last night. Dear sweet heaven above I had not danced like that since an LCD Soundsystem or Daft Punk performance. Oh how I had been missing it. Theirs is a show you should experience live if you are at all into any of the bands previously mentioned. Armed with a stellar lighting system (apparently the same people behind the Daft Punk space ship) and the best dance build-up I have heard in a while they are completely worthy of your sweat and best moves. Or worst moves. Whichever you wish to exhibit. The flow for these types of shows can make or break the night and half way through I found myself hoping it would never end. I had not listened much to their album beforehand which did not inhibit my ability to enjoy for theirs is a sound that is delivered with such force and slickness that it does not compare to the studio product. I felt like I was not in Bowery Ballroom where the floor was vibrating underneath a jumping mass of hipsters, scenesters and dancestars*. I would happily go see them upon their return. Definitely on the list of top shows for 2008.
The Presets-Aeons.mp3
The Presets-Together.mp3
The Presets-This Boy's In Love.mp3
JOrtzzzstarrr*- you were severely missed.

We are the same machine

The Frequency are the electronic, experiemental, dance-infused love-child of Marc Cazorla, Fedner Rhoses, Alex Stiff, Prophet 52, Mark Quinn, Hector Ferrerio and Sean Collican. LA-based they have been making the rounds touring with the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Their album, We Are All The Same Machine features one of my favorite electronic tracks of 2008, Talk To Me. Check out all of their tour dates listed below and be sure to keep an ear out for their music in an upcoming Crackberry commerical.
**********Frequency Tour Dates************
Jun 28-School of Rock Festival-Penn’s Landing (w/ Devo and The Hold Steady)-Philadelphia, PA
July 1-Irving Plaza, NYC
Jul 5-Ottawa Bluesfest-Ottawa, Ontario
Jul 8 & 10-Quebec City International Summer Festival-Quebec
Sep 12-Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival Fredericton-New Brunswick
Sep 14-Ranchita Rocks Festival-San Diego, California
The Frequency-Talk To Me.mp3
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Complaint department

When I started this blog i always promised myself I would never write anything negative about a bands' music. It is not my place to say what is bad, for everyone experiences something different when they listen to music. I believe this for all art forms. You take what you need/want/are looking for and you make it into your own. However, something last night made me stop in my tracks on Layfayette and gasp in pure disgust. I am sorry. It did. So, therefore....i am writing about how unhappy i am with Coldplay. Dear Coldplay, your music is lovely. It is. I would never knock it. I have seen you play live many times, from early on at your first show in DC and even at your most recent NYC show. However, whoever is responsible for their album artwork for their upcoming release is in my book-not okay. Maybe it is because since the age of fifteen on i have had an on going love affair for Delacroix. I wrote a twenty page paper bleeding with "insight" and "affection" about his works en francais in college. Seeing Liberty Leading the People in Paris for the first time was a religious experience. Maybe it is because of my Papa and his labor union rants that I fell so deeply for the French Revolution and the works it inspired. Whatever the cause and reasoning behind it i never thought I would see the day when it was used as album artwork. For a pop band. Yes, i am sure this has been done before to many artists but this is the first to my knowledge. It both deeply angers me and saddens me. I must have looked so upset for a gentleman walking near me during my outburtst of WHAT THE F* stopped me and asked if i was okay. Another reason why NYC is so great...when i admitted what i was upset about he agreed with me. So Coldplay...word on the street- using Delacroix as YOUR album artwork. Not okay. Thank you.

The Felice Brothers - Radio Song

Thank you to Eric for finding these videos from our trip to the Bearsville Theater and to LifeisaSoundtrack for documenting the evening.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

God is so Funky/Where We Going From Here by Myself

One of the perks about being in this business is you get to check out new music alllll day long. It is the ultimate job for a shy nerd-spending time with your computer and music. SWEET! One of my biggest issues within the Political Realm of the world is still New Orleans and what happened. I will never recover from the disgust I felt and still what is still going on. I received a submission from the artist in the video above, Myself and really enjoyed the message he had to share.

Wishing Well (acoustic)

A special Acoustic version of "Wishing Well" from The Airborne Toxic Event. From their most recent press release, "It is the first in a series of 10 acoustic videos of the 10 songs on our record that we will be releasing in the 10 weeks leading up to the release date on August 5th. Each one is shot in a different part of the city (Los Angeles). Each one is a single take." Beautiful. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And I'm always pretty happy when I'm just kicking back with you

*Flashy flashy photo *Cred*
Today i recieved a bit of good news and was able to book my first band (at my new job) that i am excited about and thus, i feel like spreading the love. What a better way to do that than share Noah and the Whale. Much like my other British loves The Maccabees these boys are romantics at heart. Their songs are laden with lullabies and sweetly positioned lines for the love lorn. With their baby faces and infectious melodies they are sure to win the hearts of many in the upcoming months. They were a big hit at SXSW and have been featured on Blogotheque and are sure to be playing all of the hot shows come CMJ. It is reassuring to know that no matter how much the rest of the world changes there is still always a need for those innocent and brilliant boys that croon with such sincerity that you can't help but fall- all over again.

Noah and the Whale-5 Years Time.mp3
Noah and the Whale-2 Bodies 1 Heart.mp3
Noah and The Whale-If I Die Tonight (Edit).mp3
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Times they are a changing

"Mr. Obama’s triumph closed a 16-month primary campaign that broke records on several fronts: the number of voters who participated, the amount of money raised and spent and the sheer length of the fight. The campaign, infused by tensions over race and gender, provided unexpected twists to the end as Mr. Obama ultimately prevailed over Mrs. Clinton, who just a year ago appeared headed toward becoming the first female presidential nominee of a major party."-NY Times
*Help Support-Donate.
Radiohead-Everything In It's Right Place.mp3
Bonnie Prince Billy-The Worlds' Greates (Cover).mp3

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hot Lava

My office is quite the steamy little location. Reminiscent of a lair from Being John Malkovich you literally have to duck down a little hallway to enter my territory. Comfy and cozy it is my very first office that is all mine. Love it as i may-today the air conditioning is not working which has been...well...toasty. The perfect setting for discovering a band that i have been listening to and loving with massive amounts of affection, Hot Lava. Hailing from Richmond, VA the threesome fill my on going need for electronic chirps and clips on their beautifully composed album, Lavalogy. Defined as 'catchy indie-pop' they impressed me with the range of the lyrics and sounds that grow with each track.
Hot Lava-Over It.mp3
Hot Lava-O Retorno Da Lovefoxxx.mp3
Hot Lava-JPG in the Sun.mp3

With a buzz in our ears we play endlessly

Or Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust is one of the most anticipated albums of the year from Icelandic band Sigur Ros. Today news was released of their upcoming NYC show at the MOMA on Tuesday, June 17th. Tickets will be $18.00 and go on sale next Tuesday, June 10th at 12:00 PM here. One of my favorite things about New York are all of the unique shows that take place within some of the best musuems in the world. It is just one of those experiences you should have if you live here because you know you can't have it anywhere else. I went to see Cat Power for the first time at MOMA, which was one of the most beautiful shows I have ever seen. Sigur Ros is going to be amazing as well. The album will be available to hear on the bands' website on June 9th and is already available for pre-sale. Hopefully seeing them live will on-going quest/desire to visit least for a few days.
Sigur Ros-Gobbledigook.mp3
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Monday, June 2, 2008

Micachu vs. Santogold

Always sweet to anything having to do with new talent out of England I very happily have taken a liking to Micachu. She has been receiving the type of buzz on her side of the pond that Santogold has been the recipient of here. The fresh-faced 21 year old not only snagged a place on Accidental Records roster but inspired and Matthew Herbert to take her under his well-accomplished wing. Her band, The Shapes will find fans for those who are stricken with the Crystal Castles/Fuck Buttons/No Age syndrome. For those of you who are truly musically talented it might impress you even further to know that she was one of only four young composers to be chosen by the London Philharmonic to compose a piece for a later performance/production and they have already performed a symphony she composed. Very impressive indeed. Her gentle voice might remind you of Emmy the Great and her songs are happy and upbeat enough for you to want to put them on your ipod straightaway. Keep an eye on this one!
******Micachu Tour Dates********
Jun 4-The White Ribbon Alliance Convoy to Cape Town Cape Town
Jun 10-Eat Your Own Ears London, London and South East
Jun 12-Hoxton Bar & Grill London, London and South East
Jun 13-S.o.S. @ La Fleche d’Or Paris
Jun 15-Lock Tavern London, London and South East
Jun 20-Corsica Studios London, London and South East
Jun 27-Glastonbury festival Worthy Farm, Southwest
Jul 10-Touch (Long Leave Room) @ Sin London, London and South East
Jul 19-Camp Bestival (solo show) Lulworth Castle, Dorset, Southwest
Jul 26-Secret Garden Party Cambridge, East
Jul 31-Dirty Bingo vs Loud & Quiet @ The Macbeth London, London and South East
Aug 11-Durr @ The End London, London and South East
Aug 16-Loop festival Brighton, London and South East
Aug 17-V Festival Stafford, Midlands
Sep 6-Bestival Isle of Wight!, London and South East
Micachu-Eat Your Heart.mp3
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I'm a hustler baby

That's what my KEXP's made me...oh yes. So cheesy. I know. But it is the annual summer pledge drive, so head on over and show your support. Make your parents proud. Show them you aren't just wasting your youthful years listening to music and going to shows. It isn't all about the party, it is about supporting the arts and one of the best non-profits in the music industry. Fitting, right? So do your love for music right, DONATE! Thank you.
We Were Promised Jetpacks-Quite Little Voices.mp3
We Were Promised Jetpacks-Ships With Holes Will Sink (acoustic).mp3
(*We Were Promised Jetpacks are care of John in the latest discovery.)