Monday, March 19, 2007

Sock-it-2-me! i will admit, i went into the Fujiya & Miyagi show a bit cautious and bummed out. To be honest i only gave into buying a ticket to see this show when i saw that The Prototypes had been added to the bill. I am a huge fan of the influx of french music into the scene lately with the likes of Montreal bands Malajube and Les Breastfeeders. I love the Prototypes EP which i happily downloaded off of the Minty Fresh (their american record label) website months ago. Hopefully they will make another trip to nYc sometime soon. Onto Fujiya and Miyagi who could have not provided a more entertaining set to end the weekend. There definitely is something to be said about going to see a band that knows how to pull out a killer set out on a sunday night. The Mercury Lounge itself was pretty empty for a 'soldout' show which gave everyone enough room to dance! I do not think i have been so happily surprised by a band of this ilk since Hot Chip. You always wonder how those dance beats are going to play when you see them live and anyone who is headed over to their second show tonight is in for a good time. So wear your dancing shoes!
*Highlights: Matt Hainsby who provided enough bass to bring make a believer and dancer out of even the most jaded hipster.

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