Thursday, March 29, 2007

B-Boyz and B-Girlz

So i almost died when i was 15. i went to see the Tebetian Freedom Concert at the lovely RFK stadium in DC with my best friend, Stephanie. We made it a point to be as close to the front of the stage as we possibly could for the act of the day (for us), The Beastie Boys. We were being completely girlie little girls, holding hands and singing along, which lasted all of, oh five seconds. The crowd, mostly boys, were alive with energy for the Beasties. I fell down so many times i lost count and still owe my life to a stranger named John with a british accent who took pity on me and warded of me being kicked in the face many a time. That set, to this day, remains one of the best shows i have ever seen. How could it not?! i grew up with each and every album and love this band and am so excited for the news i am about to share with you. Take your medicine because as they's gonna be sick. "Beastie Boys have announced that they are going to release a new album this year. The album, which is yet untitled, will be the follow up to 2004's 'To The 5 Boroughs'. The band also announced they will play a series of instrumental-only shows, in a posting on
The band wrote:

"Hi... here's a few things you might wanna know about..

1. we have a new record coming out
2. it's gonna be sick
3. we're playing a bunch of shows this summer (see below)
4. they're gonna be sick
5. we're gonna play some instrumental only shows also
6. better call your doctor..cause they're gonna be sick
7. it's gonna be a gala event
8. we're changing up the website...sick
9. got new gear coming soon...again...sick..
10. go see a tailor and get tapered up..."

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