Monday, March 26, 2007

Rosewood Thieves first show of 2007

One of my favorite New York City bands is making their return along with debuting some new material at Tonic this Thursday, March 29th. If you have not yet seen The Rosewood Thieves live show yet you should definitely mark this thursday on your calendar! Also, stop by the KEXP blog for an archive of their live in-studio performance during last years' CMJ Festival. This is one band that you need to catch while they are still playing relatively small rooms. Also visit their myspace page so you can get a better idea of the inspiration surrounding their album and such. Also, head over to to check out his lovely review of their upcoming album as well as everything and anything else he has posted. Definitely a very well thoughtout blog. Thank you for sharing!


Doctor Mooney said...

Nice post...I'll take you up on that suggestion! I have some Rosewood news & musical materials over on my blog "Doctor Mooney's 115th Dream"...The post is towards the top! Check er' out sometime!


Doctor Mooney said...

Ah, the said blog is here...