Thursday, March 29, 2007

The sad story of the little venues in a commerical world

Apparently it isnt only New York City that is running into such a sad fate:

"The Kinks have pleaded with the new owners of a the site of their very first gig - a pub in London - not to demolish it. The Clissold Arms, the pub where the band played their first show in 1963, is set to be removed to make way for an upscale eaterie. As previously reported the band expressed their outrage that the pub was planning to auction off the collection on band memorabilia the pub had amassed, the so called 'Kinks Corner'.
Ray Davies said: "I would urge whoever has bought the pub to retain some reference to The Kinks so fans all over the world can retain it as a sense of place." Brother and band member Dave Davies said: "Why on earth can't they have their posh gastro grub and still keep a part of it for tourists, Kinks fans and the curious? "I'm sure if this had been The Cavern and The Beatles' history that was being disturbed and got rid of, it would have been brought to the attention of the House Of Commons, the Lords and The Queen herself." New owner Caroline Jones told Earvolution: "The new pub will be quite different and it won't be the kind of place you would expect to see (memorabilia)."

via brooklynvegan about Tonic:

"Ah, fuck. That’s about the only thing that can be said to the news that Tonic, one of the city’s most popular small clubs—to musicians and fans alike—will be closing next month, with the last night of music being lucky Friday the 13th. The well-liked owners, Melissa Caruso Scott and John Scott, have yet to issue an official press release describing their reasons for closing, but one can only assume that the enormous, appalling tower of condos that got thrown up literally next door is part of it. (It all brings to mind DeNiro in Brazil, gliding in on a wire after striking a blow against the powers that be, smiling and assuring us that “We’re all in it together.” But I digress—and anyway, I’m not advocating that sort of behavior, am I?)"

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Kinks Petition said...

Thank you for posting this story. An online petition at urging the Clissold Arms to retain the Kinks memorablia and plaques has already collected the signatures of over 900 supporters from all over the world, including Kinks members and other high profile names from the music world.

Local councillors, from all political parties, support the campaign and are writing to the Clissold Arms asking them to retain the reference to the Kinks in acknowledgement of their important roles both in rock history and in the heritage of the local area.

We hope you feel able to support the campaign by signing the online petition.

The petition homepage contains links to just some of the press articles and other sites where you can find out further information on the campaign and read Ray and Dave's thoughts on the issue.

Supporters can help further by forwarding the petition address to friends, family members and colleagues and by posting the link on websites, message boards, forums, newsgroups, blogs, MySpace etc.

Thank you.