Thursday, March 29, 2007

The things people will believe

Not that i would have ever believed a rumor about Radiohead even thinking about joining the new record label being started by coffee mastermind Starbucks, but according to NME some people did. Radiohead have poured hot water on rumours that they are set to sign for Starbucks' record label Hear Music. Talk of the highly improbable pairing originated on the internet after someone from the band's representatives Courtyard Management was apparently seen meeting recently with representatives of the coffee giant in London, according to BBC6 Music. The management company has now issued the following statement denying any link-up. "Radiohead are currently in the studio working on their next record. They are not negotiating a new record deal with anyone, and will not even consider how to release their new music until the album is finished. "The rumour that they are about to sign with Starbucks is totally untrue." As reported previously, Hear Music announced Paul McCartney as their first signing last week." I mean seriously, we are talking about RADIOHEAD here, like they would join Starbucks! That would be like Kayne West doing a commerical for Walmart. C'est ridicule!

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