Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Earth Friendly Rock Stars

Al Gore is not the only one currently out on the road promoting ideas about how to live a sustainable lifestyle. Turns out Guster has teamed up with the environmental action group Reverb during their second annual Campus Consciousness Tour. Reverb Rock aims to inspire students to become more involved and activate ecofriendly actions on their campuses the tour will start on March 28th in Winston-Salem, NC at Wake Forest University. Jonny Lives! leading man Jonny Dubowsky is taking his Rock N Renew educational series out on tour with his band. More bands should take note! Green is the way to go! Did anyone else notice the donation during the Arctic Monkeys ticket sales for their upcoming US tour?

Also deserving of attention: Additional Information:
Optional Charitable Donation: Arctic Monkeys would like to give you the option of donating $1.00 to Common Ground Collective to aid Hurricane Katrina survivors ( They still need our help. Your generosity is greatly appreciated."

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