Friday, September 28, 2007


I was a little bit late on the whole Yeasayer discovery. I recognized the name and knew that they had put out a killer track, 2080 which most of the blogs i highly respect had posted on various summer mixes or bands to look out for. However i never took the time to listen to them on my own until after going to see Vampire Weekend at Williamburg Music Hall for my Ajisignal piece. I was sad i had missed Yeasayer and luckily i will get to catch them when they perform at various venues throughout the city during CMJ. Many people have compared them to Peter Gabriel but for me they remind me of my Rusted Roots infatuation during my middle school days. Chris Keating's voice has a rusty, tactile edge to it that could match Michael Glabicki note for note on any of their individual bands' tracks. I very much enjoy how they dab into different styles of music...some songs have a techno backbeat with layers of swooning, jammy melodies. While others feature structered Carribbean or African base beat filled with percussion backing up pop'ish clever lyrics. Whatever it is you hear when you listen to them i hope you enjoy them. They are a unique flash of sound in New Yorks' music scene these days and i look forward to seeing them during their KEXP in studio session. If you cannot make it out to see one of their shows you should stop by Daytrotter who lovingly takes care of all our favorite new artists with incredible live tracks, interviews and some of my favorite artwork around. Thank you Daytrotter!
Yeasayer-Get in the Sunrise.mp3
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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Under the Milkyway...or New York City Harvest Moon*

Many things happen. When the season starts to change you and you can sense that crisp under current of cool northern air it is quite thrilling, to experience New York in the fall. I also personally thing that Autumn is the most romantic time of year. Or at least it has always been very kind to me during my short time on earth. Which is why it was most exciting to finally venture out and see 'Once' last weekend and hopefully add to that by going to see Darjeeling Express this weekend. 'Once' was not a complex film. In fact it was so simply made that even the camera style had the overall feeling of a home made video. But simple stories are sometimes the best. Especially when it comes to love, because well-love is anything but. Sometimes you just meet people and they change your whole life. Really- it does still happen and maybe the Fall is a good time to remember that. Or at least try to. We all are incredibly busy, but we are all incredibly loved, by someone-and you might not even know it. Wes Anderson is all the buzz today with the iTunes sponsored release of his short film, Hotel Chevalier. Jason Schwartzman and Natalie Portman perfect that painful chemistry of that messy and oh so enjoyable 'exboyfriend~exgirlfriend situation.' You know the one. "The short, which was shot in 2005 and stars Jason Schwartzman and a bruised-up Natalie Portman, was originally intended as a "working draft for the feature," according to the LA Times. Anderson also tells the Times that he hoped Chevalier "would play out like a piece of short fiction while Darjeeling would unspool like a novel."-GorillavsBear Immediately after viewing this film i crafted the following playlist for one of my very dear friends who although he lives in Paris has not listened to new/live music in ages and well...this is for you my dear. For the rest of you, i invite you to take what you like and hopefully share it with someone you enjoy.
1.Sea Wolf-Middle Distance Runner (Daytrotter Session).mp3
2.Arcade Fire-Neon Bible.mp3
3.The Cave Singers-Seeds of Night.mp3
4.Kings of Leon-Soft.mp3
5.Two Gallants-Seems Like Home To Me.mp3
6.Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová- Falling Slowly (Once Soundtrack).mp3
7.David Vandervelde-Murder In Michigan.mp3
8.Elvis Perkins-While You Were Sleeping.mp3
9.Iron and Wine-Boy With A Coin.mp3
11.Band of Horses-The Funeral.mp3
12.Arctic Monkeys-505.mp3
13.St. Vincent-Paris is Burning.mp3
14.Beach House-Party.mp3
15.Bat For Lashes-I'm On Fire (Bruce Springsteen)-(Live on Fair Game 7.25.07).mp3
16.Cat Power-I Found A Reason.mp3
17.Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová-If You Want Me.mp3
18.Feist-The Limit To Your Love.mp3
19.Bishop Allen-Butterfly Nets.mp3
20.Sol Seppy-Come Running.mp3
21.Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová-When Your Mind's Made Up.mp3
The Swell Season
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Today is shaping up to be a pretty darn good day. I noticed that Simian Mobile Disco has been added to the KEXP in studio sessions during CMJ, there is a free Wes Anderson short for download on iTunes and well a shiny brand new leaked Babyshambles album. For all of you haters- stop reading here because i have always and will always be madly madly loving everything that is Pete Doherty. I firmly believe that he is one of the best poets and lyricists of my age. Furthermore despite his overwhelmingly public and sad drug addiction he continues to produce some of the best songs we have heard since The Clash or early Velvet Underground. That being said, i am not one for posting songs before the albums are released at all...but well, Pete, please forgive me. I couldn't help myself. Just bloody brilliant. Well done Babyshambles. Well done.

Babyshambles-Unbilo Titled.mp3
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

If you couldn't make it down to Austin...

You can enjoy it from the comforts of your respective couches/futons/chairs on Saturday, October 6th. Glide Magazine generously posted a complete set list of the many talented acts who were recorded during this years' Austin City Limits festivities. I am quite the lucky gal and have friends who have already shared some pretty overwhelming stories about the wonderful experience that is Austin which has made me even more excited to watch these shows. Plus i am a complete sucker for anything that is publically supported via the arts community and well, PBS is some pretty quality television. As Todd says, set those DVR's- that is if you have one.
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Sound Tribe Sector 9- 2 shows this weekend in NYC

There are things you do because you love your friends...this is one of them.

This weekend Sound Tribe Sector 9 returns to nYc for a two night stand at Nokia Theatre. Now I know STS9 can get looped into the "hippie" music category but these guys are truly quite impressive when it comes to live electronic music. If you are able to put aside the genre that some people throw them into, this band is guaranteed to make you dance, dance, dance and dance some more 'till your feet can't no more. If you are not willing to give these guys a shot live, at least pick up the album "Artifacts" which reached #12 on Billboard's Top Electronic Albums. These guys are incredibly talented musicians who make music that all should embrace or at least try.

-Jaime W.

Bat For Lashes videocast

Instead of posting a review of last nights' show at the Bowery i wanted to post some live videos. Her music is such a physical experience. I love this video because she explaining her album and music making process. Along with live clips of her bandmates it perfectly captures the theme of magic that she owns completely.

Bat For Lashes
Bat For Lashes-Trophy.mp3
Bat For Lashes-Sad Eyes.mp3
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Bat For Lashes - Trophy

Even this was from her show at Maxwells back in July it gives you a bit of an idea of just how enchanting their overall performance is live. Trophy happens to be my favorite track and watching her perform it live makes the song come alive with such brilliant frevor. Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Does Andrew Bird likes Le Loup too...

My favorite new band of the year, Le Loup recently had the opportunity to open for Andrew Bird, which speaks volumes about their quality of their music. Not only are they a perfect paring to open for the talented Andrew, but i am throwing an educated guess out there that maybe he likes them as well? How could you not! Le Loup are playing various CMJ shows so check their website for updates as well as Bowery Ballroom next Wednesday, October 3rd.

```Andrew Bird Tour Dates```
Nov 30 - New York, NY - The Beacon Theatre
Dec 7 - Los Angeles, CA - The Orpheum Theatre - presented by KCRW
Dec 8 - San Francisco, CA - The Warfield - presented by KFOG

***Le Loup Tour Dates***
Sep 29 Black Cat (mainstage)-DC
Oct 3 Bowery Ballroom (!!) w/Nightmare of You-New York, NY
Oct 13 Terrace F Club-Princeton, NJ
Oct 18 The Knitting Factory-New York, NY (CMJ)
Oct 22 Local 506 w/Georgie James-Chapel Hill, NC
Oct 23 Drunken Unicorn w/Georgie James-Atlanta, GA
Oct 24 Taste w/Georgie James-Orlando, FL
Oct 26 Spanish Moon w/Georgie James-Baton Rouge, LA
Oct 27 The Mohawk w/Georgie James-Austin, TX
Andrew Bird-Fiery Crash.mp3
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Numbers, numbers, numbers- they can be fun

one more time-let's celebrate! (cred)-the photo i wanted to use was removed, so please click link-excellent celebratory shots
Apparently winning prizes and having an iPod can help your album sales. Go figure! Maybe the record industry isn't dead afterall...maybe it should just change it's marketing concept. Either way i am happy to report these recent figures surrounding some of the most talented artists of the year. They all are incredibly deserving of the acclaim and attention.

*"Sales of Klaxons’ debut album have risen by an incredible 486% since they won the Mercury Music prize on Tuesday night."

*"Fionn Regan who’s album saw a 212% rise in sales on Wednesday, Bat For Lashes (up 185%), Maps (up 150%) and Amy Winehouse (up 50%)." Story continues...

*After iPod debuted it's latest video iPod commercial featuring the talented Feist Google released these figures.
~Searches for 'Feist' up 165%
~Searches for iPod up 350%

Curious to see if it helps ticket sales as well. Bat For Lashes (at Bowery Ballroom tonight) and Maps (at the Mercury Lounge this Friday) are still available! Come on...don't you want to play the numbers game too?
Fionn Regan-Put A Penny In The Slot.mp3
Maps-To The Sky.mp3
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Beastie Boys collaborations...

I read about some interesting Beastie Boys news the other day and am finally getting around to sharing it. Riding on the tails of their instrumental album release, 'Mix Up' and scattered national tour dates it appears the threesome have begun working on a second version of the album-only this time we won't be hearing the familiar voices of Ad Rock, MCA and Mike D. Think M.I.A., Lily Allen (recently collaborated with Common on his most recent album) and Jarvis Cocker. BBoyz and Bgirlz style apparently.
Beastie Boys-Off The Grid.mp3
Beastie Boys-Dramastically Different.mp3
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Monday, September 24, 2007

Look, all I know is that you're the nicest thing I've ever seen

Sadly this is not from last night-nifty neon signs must not be easy to transport
'Yeah you make me merry, you make me very very i learnt from you.' Kate Nash is on the verge of captivating your complete attention. Armed with carefully etched lovesick songs that are so sweetly intimate they secretly make you remember precious past melancholy moments. You could compare Kate to Regina Spektor: spirited innocence with feminine musical strength. Or maybe Lily Allen: youthful British salt and lip (yes yes- i know she is sick of these comparisons). Or how about Feist: ladylike and armed with fierce ballads representing the best in love and life backed up by pure musical talent. Kate is a girl who was on the path towards trying to be an actress before she stumbled and broke her foot, and we are the lucky ones for her fate. Instead of cancelling her Luna Lounge show  (visa issues?) she decided the show must go on. Hey, it is New York after all. Ahem, Brooklyn. Kate and her band performed a free show to an audience mixed with people who obviously knew her songs and those curious enough to venture out. Feeling her way through a set stacked with, 'Merry Happy,' 'Foundations,' 'Birds,' 'Nicest Thing' she cleverly crafted a 'story' for those in attendance. Admitting to nerves she slowly thawed away her layers of worry and charmed us with wishes of laying out a blanket and handing out cups of tea for her encore, 'Little Red.' I really enjoyed how she constructed her set as a sort of story time amongst her dearest friends. It was the best way to debut her songs and herself to an American audience. With lyrics that read like secret love letters or conversations between girlfriends Kate is immediately endearing and intimate without losing that unique blend of tenderness and spirit. I overwhelmingly recommend her music and her live performance. It is rather inspiring to experience the amount of feminine talent floating around these days. Bat For Lashes,  Kate Nash, Feist, Amy Winehouse, Cat Power, Grace Potter-gone are the days of complaining about manufactured saccharine sweet pop stars. Thank goodness for that. For those checking out her two shows at Joe's Pub tonight you are in for a real treat. Those of you looking for something to do, come to Bowery and check out Natasha and company!
Kate Nash-Little Red.mp3
Kate Nash-Merry Happy.mp3
Kate Nash-Nicest Thing.mp3
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Friday, September 21, 2007

Beirut makes melodic return to Brooklyn

Last week Beirut performed at the Masonic Church in Brooklyn to a full house. Judging by the sheer amount of people gathered you could tell that tonights show was going to be special. Displaying material from their soon to be released album, 'The Flying Cup', as well as playing favorites from past releases, Beirut put on a stellar 1 hour and 30 minute set. At first the crowd seemed timid and remained seated but when pastor Zach asked the crowd to stand and move around the congregation abided and the show suddenly came alive.

Having been given a copy of his latest album I can safely say these guys are in store for good year. The material live translated even better than the album and the crowd seemed to give Zach and Co. all they could ask for by recieving all of the new material joyfully. Of course oldies but goldies were the strongest received but the new songs saw the crowd get down as if they had all been heard a hundred times before. I highly advise people to both get the album and check out them out should they come to town because the music they are making right now is pretty damn solid.

Beirut-Scenic World.mp3
Beirut-A Call To Arms.mp3
Beirut Tags
-Jaime W.

Kate Nash @ Luna Lounge-NOW FREE SHOW

I have been anxiously waiting Kate Nash to come and play in New York for months now. Finally she announced tour dates and immediately sold out Joe's Pub. Apparently she ran into some Visa complications along the way. This trend needs to stop! Dear Homeland Security, little British Singer/Songwriter girls are NOT who you need to worry about-unless you have a son who might skank them out in a bar. Okay? Let them come and perform in peace! Apparently this time it worked out in our favor. If you have tickets for her show on Monday at the Luna Lounge that is...

The Kate Nash show at Luna Lounge is happening on Monday, September 24th. However, as a result of a problem with Kate Nash's U.S. visa application, Kate has agreed to play for free! Here are the details. If you have already paid for your tickets, you must request a refund from TicketWeb. Next, when you come to the show, you must bring ID because we will have your name on our list of people who will be allowed entry into the show. You will receive your refund from TicketWeb in about 10 days. If you have not already purchased tickets, and you would like to attend the show, we will allow an additional 100 people free admission on a first come, first served basis... Tell your friends.
Best wishes,
Rob Sacher
Luna Lounge
Kate Nash-Merry Happy.mp3
Kate Nash-Play.mp3
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Rosewood Thieves-CONCERT FOR PEACE

The Rosewood Thieves are a band i repeatedly find myself saying are one of my favorite New York Bands. That being said, they have an upcoming show for at Pianos. But i will let them tell you for themselves via their myspace:
"A Concert For Peace will be hosted by The Rosewood Thieves and friends on October 5th at Pianos starting at 9:00pm. The thieves go on at 10pm and will be playing lots of new songs from their soon to be released EP Lonesome and LP The Rosewood Thieves Rise And Shine. Come celebrate LOVE."
Rosewood Thieves-California Moon.mp3
Rosewood Thieves-Demo Film Number One.mp3
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CMJ is quickly approaching us folks-

On one hand a lot of the shows during CMJ are free- on the other hand you have to have special invites, passwords, and sometimes a little bit of luck to gain passage into some of the best engagements this city has to offer during one of it's most hectic music-loving weeks. PHEEW! i am so excited though. Somehow your body just finds the energy to carry you through that week and when it is over you feel like no show you go to see will ever top what you just experienced. Or at least that was me last year. (The Rapture, The Knife, Girl Talk, Cold War Kids, Elvis Perkins...!!!) One of my favorite experiences was the free in studio sessions that KEXP hosts. Not only do you get to see your favorite DJs up close and personal but the bands were fantastic. (Forward Russia! kicked all kinds of fantastic'ness-Tokyo Police Club-Hot Chip-Rosewood Thieves) HURRY AND SIGN UP NOW! Spots are already filling up-Band of Horses for example on Friday is already full. A lot of acts have yet to be announced but that shouldn't stop you, each and every one is sure to be worth it. Plus it is FREE....and KEXP! Bring it CMJ! And in the meantime you can keep yourself pre-occupied with their latest edition of KEXP instudio sessions:

Live at KEXP Studios-Ghostland Observatory-Move With Your Lover.mp3
KEXP Live in Chicago_ Walter Meego.mp3
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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy BIRTHDAY Friction!

Tonight you should swing by your lovely local Mercury Lounge and celebrate the fabulous two year anniversary of the Friction Series! As previously mentioned, KEXP helps sponsor these events, as if you needed another reason to check it out these are the bands on the list for tonight: The Most Serene Republic, A Place to Bury Strangers, Die Romantik and openers The Blacks. The festivities kick off approximately around 7:30'ish. Yips!
A Place to Bury Strangers-Give Da Jew Girl Toys.mp3
Die Romantik-Tik Tok.mp3

Kings of Leon @ Radio City Music Hall

Last night Kings of Leon played to a packed Radio City Music Hall that consisted mainly of frat boys and sorority girls who you would see at Dave Mathews show, teenage girls, and the nYc hipsters. With the crowd aside, this band straight up rocked hard, played tight, and gave the screaming crowd all they could ask for. When Caleb said, "this is my favorite New York show we have done", all I could do is think back two or three years ago when I saw this band at the Bowery Ballroom and what a ride this band has been on.

For me, to see a band that I really discovered early on when they just released "Youth & Young Manhood" and my friends in college telling me to turn off this junk, to have really in a way "made it" made me feel good. Anyhow, if KOL is rolling by your town please do see them and if the crowd is not what your use to, does it even matter, after all your there for the music. Also its worthy to point out that Black Rebel MotorCycle Club opens and they were welcome greatly last night and played a solid hour long set.
Kings of Leon-True Love Way.mp3
Kings of Leon-Four Kicks.mp3
Black Rebel MotorCycle Club Tags
Kings of Leon Tags

-Jaime W.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Longwave @ Mercury Lounge via KEXP

KEXP loves Longwave, Eagle Seagull, The Dead Trees, and my favorites The Shackeltons. So much so that they asked them all to come play for Friday's edition of Friction, held monthly at the Mercury Lounge. Whenever KEXP is involved you can expect a quality show and for those lucky enough have attended the stacked performance-that is exactly what we got. Reviews of the whole thing are over at the KEXP BLOG!!! so go check it out. Shelly did quite a lovely job with her review of Eagle Seagull, but it was her intimate and sophisticated write up of The Shackeltons that deserves the highest of praise. Or at least you showing up to attend their next performance. Or both.
Longwave-No Direction.mp3
The Shackeltons-Your Movement.mp3
The Shackeltons Tags

Klaxons add Webster Hall Show

Klaxons announced earlier today a second New York show- this time at Webster Hall without Bjork. Tickets are available now for their show on Friday, October 12th so grab them while they are hot. These boys are hotter than ever after their Mercury Prize win!
The Klaxons-Golden Skans.mp3
The Klaxons-Atlantis to Interzone (Crystal Castles Remix).mp3
Klaxons Tags

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another week of Weeds...some more INdie lovins'

So despite how i feel about this season of Weeds thus far without sharing any spoilers each week i have a fit of joy/surprise when one of the bands i love dearly is played during the show. This week i could not believe my ears as the episode closed out with the beautiful, 'Your Rocky Spine' off of The Great Lake Swimmers album Ongiara. It was a short spot but perfect. So far The Thermals (who just announced tour dates!) and Illinois have also had key song slots. If you like what you hear below, head over to one of my favorite blogs, GorillavsBear where you can download "a free 5-song live EP from their sold-out show at Toronto's Church of the Redeemer." Thank you GorillavsBear! Check out the lovely support from one special little canadian lady who needs to come tour here-soon...please?
Great Lake Swimmers-Your Rocky Spine.mp3
Weeds Tags

Kate Nash-Late Night Show @ Joe's Pub

Her early show at 9:00 PM sold out very quickly so i expect once word of this one gets around these will go as well. From the looks of Joe's Pub website you might need to phone in for these tickets. The show is at 11:30, next Tuesday. Check it out here. If you can't catch either of her Tuesday shows on Wednesday she will be out in Brooklyn at Luna Lounge. Tickets are still available.
Kate Nash-Little Red.mp3
Kate Nash-Shit Song [Interlude].mp3
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Monday, September 17, 2007

Austin City Limits-2007

Jaime enthusiastically kept me updated on his Austin City Limits adventures throughout the past weekend with text messages that made me increasingly vicously jealous. Whether it was enjoying Arcade Fire with a heavy crowd of +40,000 or excitedly sharing that Andrew Bird joined My Morning Jacket during their all sounded fantastic. Very excited to catch some stories after he has some much needed sleep. (i am guessing!) I am most curious to hear how Muse was accepted in place of The White Stripes. Or how sick it must have been to experience Ghostland Observatory in their hometown. Hopefully he will post a bit in his own words as the week progresses. In the meantime you can check out an interview with Will Butler via Rocky Mountain News in preparation for Arcade Fire out at Randalls Island, which is only a few weeks away!
Ghostland Observatory-Move with Your Lover.mp3
Andrew Bird-A Nervous Tic Motion Of The Head To The Left.mp3
Arcade Fire-Old Flame.mp3
Austin City Limits Tags

Goodmorning, Good Monday!

Many exciting things to report this day...many of them being exciting stories from Austin via Jaime. But first i thought i would let Adam Green welcome you into your week with news of his European tour carrying on quite successfully- as if you had any doubts.

Hi Everyone!
We've been getting a lot of emails from fans in cities where Adam's upcoming solo acoustic shows have sold out. Especially in Vienna, Paris and London. While we wish we could get everyone in, the venues won't let us squeeze in any more bodies! ;(
The good news, for those of you in London is, we've managed to scrounge up a few more tickets for Adam's show on Sept 25th at Union Chapel. These tickets went on sale on Saturday, so if you move quickly you've still got a chance to catch the show! Check with the venue to get tickets while you can!! And if you miss Adam on this tour, don't despair! When the new record comes out early next year, he'll back on the road with the full band touring through Europe and North America!
-"Adam Green Team"
Adam Green-Musical Ladders.mp3
Adam Green-Watching Old Movies.mp3
Adam Green Tags

Thursday, September 13, 2007

If you celebrate it- HAppy NEw YEar!

Because this photo makes me happy even if they aren't jewish i thought it was a perfect picture to wish everyone a sweet and happy new year! Hey, a little lovins for the next year isn't a bad thing. Thanks BV for posting! Because what are we again Sarah Silverman? That's right. As individual as snowflakes.*
Peter Yorn-Strange Condition.mp3
Yellow Fever-Donovan.mp3
The Mountain Goats-This Year.mp3
Arrah & The Ferns-Skylark.mp3

The latest from Aria C Jalali!

Suffering from the shock that it is September already?
The perfect solution is to go back through your music and find something that you discovered/rediscovered this summer than you L-o-v-e-d and pop that puppy in your headphones/ipoddy/computer and blast it if you are stuck indoors today like i am. I always find that i go the most stir crazy/cabin fever in September because the weather is just so perfect. Aria C Jalali was the first artist to share his music with me after i started blogging. I recieved my first official music submission from him and it was a beautiful seven inch crystal blue vinyl record. Could not have been more perfect. I was in love at once. Apparently the public radio station, KALW CORRECTLY announcing his name on the air had the same effect. Check out their podcast and his message of adoration below.
"KALW is a bunch of sweet hearts. i found this bad boy on google. It's a podcast from KALW, SF's National public radio. they talk about some local SF stuff, then at the very end of the broadcast play one of my songs, AND SAY MY NAME CORRECTLY! a radio first. (no im serious.)"- Aria C Jalali
Aria C Jalai-I was a submarine.mp3
Aria C Jalali!-Postmodernism!.mp3
Aria C Jalali Tags

This hurts my heart

The 'devil' interfering with our music
Damn you Walmart. Band of Horses you disappoint me. So upsetting. Hopefully sharing this with you will make your day even itself out. Thank you Pitchfork and Diplo. Sick. sick. sick. It is the perfect workout/dance party/perk yourself up in the office mix you were searching for for Fall '07.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Elvis Perkins announces New Tour Dates!

Elvis Perkins put on one of the best shows i have seen this year. I was lucky enough to have seen him open twice for his friends The Cold War Kids both at Bowery Ballroom and at the Metro in Chicago. He also played during Siren Festival, even if the atmosphere was a bit beyond his musical styles. He is always impressive and enjoyable. Make sure to make time for his upcoming tour date as he ventures out to Europe and beyond!
```Elvis Perkins TOUR DATES```
Sep 18 Troubadour Los Angeles, California / Sep 19 Troubadour Los Angeles, California / Sep 20 Troubadour Los Angeles, California
Sep 22 Largo Hollywood, California / Sep 23 San Diego Street Scene San Diego, California/ Sep 28 Roseland Portland, Oregon
Sep 29 Neumos Seattle, Washington / Sep 30 Neumos Seattle, Washington / Oct 4 Fine Line Minneapolis, Minnesota
Oct 5 400 Bar Minneapolis, Minnesota / Oct 6 The Annex Madison, Wisconsin / Oct 7 Lakeshore Theater Chicago, Illinois
Oct 9 Blind Pig Ann Arbor, Michigan / Oct 19 Apolo, Barcelona / Oct 20 Heineken Green Space, Valencia
Oct 21 Moby Dick, Madrid / Oct 23 Ziegel Oh Lac @ Rota Fabrik, Zurich / Oct 24 Musicdrome- Milan
Oct 26 Turmzimmer-Hamburg / Oct 27 2007 AB Club- Brussels / Oct 29 Festsaal Kreuzberg- Berlin
Oct 30 Gebaude 9- Cologne / Oct 31 Tivoli Utrecht / Nov 2 Night & Day -Manchester / Nov 3 Faversham (Nasty Fest)- Leeds
Nov 4 Nice n Sleazy- Glasgow / Nov 5 Bar Academy- Birmingham / Nov 6 Bush Hall- London / Nov 8 La Neff- Angouleme
Nov 9 Cabaret Electric- Le Havre / Nov 10 Aeronef- Lille / Nov 11 Cigale- Paris / Nov 12 Olympic- Nantes
Nov 14 Bikini- Toulouse / Nov 28 Horseshoe Tavern Toronto, Ontario / Nov 29 Cabaret Music Hall Montreal, Quebec
Nov 30 Higher Ground Showcase Lounge So. Burlington, Vermont / Dec 1 AS220 Providence, Rhode Island
Dec 2 Paradise Rock Club Boston, Massachusetts / Dec 3 Iron Horse Music Hall Northampton, Massachusetts
Dec 5 Jammin’ Java Vienna, Virginia / Dec 6 Johnny Brenda’s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dec 7 Bowery Ballroom New York, New York
Elvis Perkins-Emile's Vietnam In The Sky.mp3
Elvis Perkins-Moon Woman 2.mp3
Elvis Perkins Tags

New M83

I am having major troubles concentrating on my work right now. I don't know if it is because it is such a gorgeous September day out or because one of my co-workers is heading back to the office with an ice cream cake and we are all waiting to have a delicious slice of heaven...either way. Can't concentrate! CAKE BRAIN! So i thought in my dreamy state that it would help to post a new track off the upcoming M83 release, Digital Shades, Vol. 1 . Perfect for late afternoon day dreaming.
M83-Coloring The Void.mp3

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Last week...Arctic Monkeys

I went to see the Arctic Monkeys play Central Park. As always it was an killer show which i wrote about for my beloved KEXP. You can check it out here if you would like, as long as the rest of the bands and events posted on their blog (updated daily!). I also invite you to check out Dan's photographs. They are rather fantastic.

The Arctic Monkeys- The Bakery (B-Side).mp3
Arctic Monkeys Tags

Midnight Juggernauts

Jaime's favorite concert photographer captured some pretty killer images of the Midnight Juggernauts playing to a home crowd in Sydney. These bad boys from Australia just tagged themselves an killer opening position for Justice during their upcoming US and Canada tour dates. For more photos visit Boudist as he has some highly entertaining photos from some of your favorite bands when they tour though Australia.

Midnight Juggernauts-Into The Galaxy.mp3
Midnight Juggernauts-Road To Recovery (D.I.M. Remix).mp3
Justice Tags

White Stripes out of Austin?

Jaime and almost every single one of my beloved concert buddies have been planning their collective exodus down to Austin for the last few months. I sincerely hope from the bottom of my heart this is not true! (As i was drafting this it was indeed confirmed...White Stripes are out of their Austin City Limits scheduled performances due to illness.) Ghostland Observatory will be replacing their original set time. (You can thank Jaime for the ACL updates.)
The White Stripes-Catch Hell Blues.mp3
White Stripes Tags

More 'Wolf' band news...this time en francais! LE LOUP!

Normally i try not to push things on people. Well-i mean not in a totally over the top aggressive manner-but somethings should be forced. Especially if you are from Maryland and your beloved state is lucky enough to be home to one of the most exciting new bands out there. If you have yet to check out Le Loup well then today is your lucky day! Their debut album came out today! YeaH! So go BUY it. Support them! Go to their shows! But most importantly share. If you like them share with your friends as much as you can (drag them to a show, make them a mixed CD of Wolf inspired-named Bands, IM them the album)-i am sure they would approve. Us Marylanders/DC folk are all about the friendly manners- we are technically below the Mason Dixon Line. Also, definitely go visit Brightest Young Things as they review the new album, The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations Millennium General Assembly, and interact with these youngsters in the wilds of their 'natural habitat.' Oh yeah. Beautiful blog and review!

this shot just makes me homesick-yeah DC ZOO!
Also add October 3rd and October 2oth to your calendars for their upcoming shows at Bowery Ballroom. The 20th is going to be a hot ticket due to the madness that is CMJ so grab those early! Even with the competition of Justice it is sure to sell out. Le Loup, The Brunettes, Band of Horses and British sensation Foals- damn CMJ just packs them in!
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Monday, September 10, 2007

You're a Wolf Boy- Get out of this Town

Sea Wolf is on its way to be one of my favorite musical additions of 2007. I just cannot get enough of his enchanting voice. His lyrics entwine themselves into my soul no matter what flavor of mood i find myself in and i am always sad when i have run out of songs to listen to. If you give yourself a good chance to listen you will know exactly what i mean. Similar to Elvis Perkins his voice aches with experience and growth in a way that is not exactly happy but makes you glad you are alive and able to experience its beauty. I have yet to check out their live show but am very excited for November now due to their engagement at the Mercury Lounge! Their tour is pretty extensive so make sure to check all shows listed below! In the meantime 'Leaves in the River' comes out on September 25th so please purchase this album. It deserves to be loved.
***ALL UPCOMING Sea Wolf Dates:***
13- Santa Barbara, CA (SoHo Restaurant & Music Club)
16- San Francisco, CA (Treasure Island Music Festival)
21- Los Angeles, CA (The Greek Theatre w/ Air)
25- Los Angeles, CA (Jimmy Kimmel Live)
4- Portland, OR (Doug Fir Lounge)
5- Seattle, WA (Chop Suey)
6- Bellingham, WA (The Nightlight Lounge)
7-Vancouver, BC (Media Club)
11- Minneapolis, MN (7th Street Entry)
***Sea Wolf w/ Nada Surf:***
15- Columbus, OH (Basement) / 16- Cincinnati, OH (20th Century)
17- Louisville, KY (Jim Porters) / 18- Indianapolis, IN (Birdy's)
19- Chicago, IL (Schubas) / 20- Chicago, IL (Schubas)
22- St. Louis, MO (Gargoyle Club) / 23- Nashville, TN (Exit In)
24- Birmingham, AL (Bottle Tree) / 26- Tampa, FL (State Theatre)
27- St. Augustine, FL (Cafe Eleven) / 29- Athens, GA (40 Watt Club)
30- Asheville, NC (Orange Peel) / 31- Carrboro, NC (Cat's Cradle)
1- Charlottesville, VA (Satellite Ballroom-UVA) / 2- Baltimore, MD (8 x 10)
3- Philadelphia, PA (North Star) / 5- New York, NY (Mercury Lounge)
6- Boston, MA (Middle East Upstairs) / 7- Montreal, QC (La Sala Rossa)
9- Toronto, ON (El Mocambo) / 10- Cleveland, OH (The Grog Shop)
13- Denver, CO (Larimer Lounge) / 14- Salt Lake City, UT (Urban Lounge)
Daytrotter Session-Sea Wolf-Middle Distance Runner.mp3
Daytrotter Session-Sea Wolf-I Made a Resolution.mp3
Sea Wolf-Black Dirt.mp3
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The Voom Blooms

Around this time last year i happily stumbled upon The Voom Blooms. I excitedly waited for the album and tour dates to appear on blogs and venues throughout the states, yet not much has become of them on this side of the pond. Then the other day i checked up on their happenings via the myspace world and found this notice:
"Debut Album now finished!
Hello everyone...
an update for you all on whats been goin on...after signing to Japanese label 'Fabtone records' in May of this year we've spent the last few months buried away in the recording studio working on our debut album 'nine ships'...We finished the mastering of it only a matter of 3 days ago and its now being pressed over in Japan due for release on the 5th September. We're all very happy and very excited about the record especially about the new songs that no one will have heard yet, 'nine ships', 'all aboard the albert', 'by the seashore' and 'sigrun yr'. The album is 9 songs long with 3 extra bonus songs for Japan (Bonus tracks include a brand new version of 'Lovers' and new song 'moving to NY').We plan on spending the remainder of this year in the studio working on our debut albums for both the UK and U.S. (due for release Spring 2008).We are playing a one-off gig on September 12th @ the proud galleries (CAMDEN) where we will be playing a lot of new songs from the album. its likely to be the only gig we play before the end of the year so we're hoping as many people can come along as possible!

love always,
the blooms
***Blooms Debut album 'nine ships' released sept 5th 2007 (Japan)***"
Very exciting indeed. Looks like 2008 might be the year of The Voom Blooms!
The Voom Blooms-By The Seashore.mp3
The Voom Blooms-Nine Ships.mp3

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Because Jews are like *snowflakes*

There were many things i thought to myself over this past week/weekend that i spent on the futon watching MTV and recovering from the cold that wouldn't quit: i should really turn this off and read more from my latest Charles Frazier novel, damn i love that Kayne West sampled Daft Punk, i wonder if the MTV crowd even knows who Daft Punk is, i really hope Lily Allen wins Best New Artist, and my ever favorite question: why does MTV consistanly continue to play the artists i love as BACKGROUND music and intro music to their shows but don't play their videos, or videos at all when it comes down to it! Yet, i am continuously sucked back in. Especially when it comes to their award shows. My list of KEY items i enjoyed during this year's trashfest:

1. Oh watching Britney was just painful. Really- i was hiding behind my hands half the time. Ecks. Just bad. All over. Bad bad bad. Everyone they panned in the audience looked just as uncomfortable as i felt. It was worse than watching a car crash.
2. Love love love the stage this time around.
3. Yes Sarah Silverman, Amy Winehouse IS jewish.
4. Yeah Justin calling out MTV to play more videos!
5. Last year they picked The Raconteurs to be the in house band this year it is Mark Ronson. Maybe it would be nice if they again actually played these artists' music more often.
6. i don't know who this Chris Brown is-but he was definitely can dance. I would throughly enjoy a dance off between him and Justin Timberlake. Can they arrange that for next year?
7. YEah! it is the guys from Superbad!
8. Alright so my friend Jess was right about the Plan White T's. People really do seem to like them.
9. Is that Justice i hear in the background?!
10. Justin asking for more videos AGAIN! i reaaallllly wish i had gone to see him at MSG.
11. Why were they only showing David Grohl on Rhapsody commericals?
12. YES! Shilah. No Strokes T-Shirt this time around? And bringing me news about the new Indiana Jones?! Lose the faux stach. please.
13. Is Linkin Park really a thrown together band like Spice Girls? I feel so much better about my outlandish distaste for their music.
14. WHITE STRIPES WHITE STRIPES win best f'in Fall out Boy? Not surprised, just disappointed.
15. At this point i really just don't know what to do about my Justin infatuation (post white suit dancing and collaboration with Nelly Furtado and Timberland)
16. I thought Lily Allen was supposed to perform...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

oh know exactly how to get our attention don'tcha?

Kinda fitting that i am listening to Nerdcore (introduced to me by KEXP photographer extraordinaire Dan Muller) right now as i recieved this message from Jaime (my brilliant co-blogger) as Apple debuted their new line of iPoddy products today. Oh all of the geeky computer lovins that had to come together for all of those things to happen at once. Anyways-pick up a handy dandy red shuffle and help cure AIDS in Africa.

Or get a new Ipod and enjoy Feist videos during your daily trips on the F train.
"10:30am - "The 80GB used to sell for 350, now it's 250.The 160GB is $350." Applause. "They're both available today, they're shipping and be in stores by this weekend. We think you're gonna love 'em, and the enclosure is just gorgeous. So let's take a look at the iPod lineup for this holiday season..." review time." Simply beautiful- my ghetto ipod -mini is tres jealous.

MC Lars-Download This Song.mp3
MC Lars-If I Had a Time Machine, That Would Be Fresh.mp3
MC Lars-Hot Topic is Not Punk Rock.mp3

Klaxons Snare 2007 Mercury PRize

It was definitely an incredibly talented race this year. Congrats boys! They will be back in the city soon opening up for Bjork at Madison Square Garden on Monday, September 27th. Tickets are still available. In the meantime please please check out the other nominees- you are sure to find something you would enjoy!
The Klaxons-Magick.mp3
The Klaxons-Golden Skans.mp3
The Klaxons-Golden Skans (SebastiAn Version 1.2.0 Remix).mp3
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Tuesday, September 4, 2007