Friday, September 21, 2007

Beirut makes melodic return to Brooklyn

Last week Beirut performed at the Masonic Church in Brooklyn to a full house. Judging by the sheer amount of people gathered you could tell that tonights show was going to be special. Displaying material from their soon to be released album, 'The Flying Cup', as well as playing favorites from past releases, Beirut put on a stellar 1 hour and 30 minute set. At first the crowd seemed timid and remained seated but when pastor Zach asked the crowd to stand and move around the congregation abided and the show suddenly came alive.

Having been given a copy of his latest album I can safely say these guys are in store for good year. The material live translated even better than the album and the crowd seemed to give Zach and Co. all they could ask for by recieving all of the new material joyfully. Of course oldies but goldies were the strongest received but the new songs saw the crowd get down as if they had all been heard a hundred times before. I highly advise people to both get the album and check out them out should they come to town because the music they are making right now is pretty damn solid.

Beirut-Scenic World.mp3
Beirut-A Call To Arms.mp3
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-Jaime W.

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