Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Longwave @ Mercury Lounge via KEXP

KEXP loves Longwave, Eagle Seagull, The Dead Trees, and my favorites The Shackeltons. So much so that they asked them all to come play for Friday's edition of Friction, held monthly at the Mercury Lounge. Whenever KEXP is involved you can expect a quality show and for those lucky enough have attended the stacked performance-that is exactly what we got. Reviews of the whole thing are over at the KEXP BLOG!!! so go check it out. Shelly did quite a lovely job with her review of Eagle Seagull, but it was her intimate and sophisticated write up of The Shackeltons that deserves the highest of praise. Or at least you showing up to attend their next performance. Or both.
Longwave-No Direction.mp3
The Shackeltons-Your Movement.mp3
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