Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Numbers, numbers, numbers- they can be fun

one more time-let's celebrate! (cred)-the photo i wanted to use was removed, so please click link-excellent celebratory shots
Apparently winning prizes and having an iPod can help your album sales. Go figure! Maybe the record industry isn't dead afterall...maybe it should just change it's marketing concept. Either way i am happy to report these recent figures surrounding some of the most talented artists of the year. They all are incredibly deserving of the acclaim and attention.

*"Sales of Klaxons’ debut album have risen by an incredible 486% since they won the Mercury Music prize on Tuesday night."

*"Fionn Regan who’s album saw a 212% rise in sales on Wednesday, Bat For Lashes (up 185%), Maps (up 150%) and Amy Winehouse (up 50%)." Story continues...

*After iPod debuted it's latest video iPod commercial featuring the talented Feist Google released these figures.
~Searches for 'Feist' up 165%
~Searches for iPod up 350%

Curious to see if it helps ticket sales as well. Bat For Lashes (at Bowery Ballroom tonight) and Maps (at the Mercury Lounge this Friday) are still available! Come on...don't you want to play the numbers game too?
Fionn Regan-Put A Penny In The Slot.mp3
Maps-To The Sky.mp3
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