Friday, September 21, 2007

Kate Nash @ Luna Lounge-NOW FREE SHOW

I have been anxiously waiting Kate Nash to come and play in New York for months now. Finally she announced tour dates and immediately sold out Joe's Pub. Apparently she ran into some Visa complications along the way. This trend needs to stop! Dear Homeland Security, little British Singer/Songwriter girls are NOT who you need to worry about-unless you have a son who might skank them out in a bar. Okay? Let them come and perform in peace! Apparently this time it worked out in our favor. If you have tickets for her show on Monday at the Luna Lounge that is...

The Kate Nash show at Luna Lounge is happening on Monday, September 24th. However, as a result of a problem with Kate Nash's U.S. visa application, Kate has agreed to play for free! Here are the details. If you have already paid for your tickets, you must request a refund from TicketWeb. Next, when you come to the show, you must bring ID because we will have your name on our list of people who will be allowed entry into the show. You will receive your refund from TicketWeb in about 10 days. If you have not already purchased tickets, and you would like to attend the show, we will allow an additional 100 people free admission on a first come, first served basis... Tell your friends.
Best wishes,
Rob Sacher
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