Thursday, September 13, 2007

The latest from Aria C Jalali!

Suffering from the shock that it is September already?
The perfect solution is to go back through your music and find something that you discovered/rediscovered this summer than you L-o-v-e-d and pop that puppy in your headphones/ipoddy/computer and blast it if you are stuck indoors today like i am. I always find that i go the most stir crazy/cabin fever in September because the weather is just so perfect. Aria C Jalali was the first artist to share his music with me after i started blogging. I recieved my first official music submission from him and it was a beautiful seven inch crystal blue vinyl record. Could not have been more perfect. I was in love at once. Apparently the public radio station, KALW CORRECTLY announcing his name on the air had the same effect. Check out their podcast and his message of adoration below.
"KALW is a bunch of sweet hearts. i found this bad boy on google. It's a podcast from KALW, SF's National public radio. they talk about some local SF stuff, then at the very end of the broadcast play one of my songs, AND SAY MY NAME CORRECTLY! a radio first. (no im serious.)"- Aria C Jalali
Aria C Jalai-I was a submarine.mp3
Aria C Jalali!-Postmodernism!.mp3
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