Monday, September 10, 2007

The Voom Blooms

Around this time last year i happily stumbled upon The Voom Blooms. I excitedly waited for the album and tour dates to appear on blogs and venues throughout the states, yet not much has become of them on this side of the pond. Then the other day i checked up on their happenings via the myspace world and found this notice:
"Debut Album now finished!
Hello everyone...
an update for you all on whats been goin on...after signing to Japanese label 'Fabtone records' in May of this year we've spent the last few months buried away in the recording studio working on our debut album 'nine ships'...We finished the mastering of it only a matter of 3 days ago and its now being pressed over in Japan due for release on the 5th September. We're all very happy and very excited about the record especially about the new songs that no one will have heard yet, 'nine ships', 'all aboard the albert', 'by the seashore' and 'sigrun yr'. The album is 9 songs long with 3 extra bonus songs for Japan (Bonus tracks include a brand new version of 'Lovers' and new song 'moving to NY').We plan on spending the remainder of this year in the studio working on our debut albums for both the UK and U.S. (due for release Spring 2008).We are playing a one-off gig on September 12th @ the proud galleries (CAMDEN) where we will be playing a lot of new songs from the album. its likely to be the only gig we play before the end of the year so we're hoping as many people can come along as possible!

love always,
the blooms
***Blooms Debut album 'nine ships' released sept 5th 2007 (Japan)***"
Very exciting indeed. Looks like 2008 might be the year of The Voom Blooms!
The Voom Blooms-By The Seashore.mp3
The Voom Blooms-Nine Ships.mp3

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