Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kings of Leon @ Radio City Music Hall

Last night Kings of Leon played to a packed Radio City Music Hall that consisted mainly of frat boys and sorority girls who you would see at Dave Mathews show, teenage girls, and the nYc hipsters. With the crowd aside, this band straight up rocked hard, played tight, and gave the screaming crowd all they could ask for. When Caleb said, "this is my favorite New York show we have done", all I could do is think back two or three years ago when I saw this band at the Bowery Ballroom and what a ride this band has been on.

For me, to see a band that I really discovered early on when they just released "Youth & Young Manhood" and my friends in college telling me to turn off this junk, to have really in a way "made it" made me feel good. Anyhow, if KOL is rolling by your town please do see them and if the crowd is not what your use to, does it even matter, after all your there for the music. Also its worthy to point out that Black Rebel MotorCycle Club opens and they were welcome greatly last night and played a solid hour long set.
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-Jaime W.

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