Sunday, September 9, 2007

Because Jews are like *snowflakes*

There were many things i thought to myself over this past week/weekend that i spent on the futon watching MTV and recovering from the cold that wouldn't quit: i should really turn this off and read more from my latest Charles Frazier novel, damn i love that Kayne West sampled Daft Punk, i wonder if the MTV crowd even knows who Daft Punk is, i really hope Lily Allen wins Best New Artist, and my ever favorite question: why does MTV consistanly continue to play the artists i love as BACKGROUND music and intro music to their shows but don't play their videos, or videos at all when it comes down to it! Yet, i am continuously sucked back in. Especially when it comes to their award shows. My list of KEY items i enjoyed during this year's trashfest:

1. Oh watching Britney was just painful. Really- i was hiding behind my hands half the time. Ecks. Just bad. All over. Bad bad bad. Everyone they panned in the audience looked just as uncomfortable as i felt. It was worse than watching a car crash.
2. Love love love the stage this time around.
3. Yes Sarah Silverman, Amy Winehouse IS jewish.
4. Yeah Justin calling out MTV to play more videos!
5. Last year they picked The Raconteurs to be the in house band this year it is Mark Ronson. Maybe it would be nice if they again actually played these artists' music more often.
6. i don't know who this Chris Brown is-but he was definitely can dance. I would throughly enjoy a dance off between him and Justin Timberlake. Can they arrange that for next year?
7. YEah! it is the guys from Superbad!
8. Alright so my friend Jess was right about the Plan White T's. People really do seem to like them.
9. Is that Justice i hear in the background?!
10. Justin asking for more videos AGAIN! i reaaallllly wish i had gone to see him at MSG.
11. Why were they only showing David Grohl on Rhapsody commericals?
12. YES! Shilah. No Strokes T-Shirt this time around? And bringing me news about the new Indiana Jones?! Lose the faux stach. please.
13. Is Linkin Park really a thrown together band like Spice Girls? I feel so much better about my outlandish distaste for their music.
14. WHITE STRIPES WHITE STRIPES win best f'in Fall out Boy? Not surprised, just disappointed.
15. At this point i really just don't know what to do about my Justin infatuation (post white suit dancing and collaboration with Nelly Furtado and Timberland)
16. I thought Lily Allen was supposed to perform...