Tuesday, September 11, 2007

More 'Wolf' band news...this time en francais! LE LOUP!

Normally i try not to push things on people. Well-i mean not in a totally over the top aggressive manner-but somethings should be forced. Especially if you are from Maryland and your beloved state is lucky enough to be home to one of the most exciting new bands out there. If you have yet to check out Le Loup well then today is your lucky day! Their debut album came out today! YeaH! So go BUY it. Support them! Go to their shows! But most importantly share. If you like them share with your friends as much as you can (drag them to a show, make them a mixed CD of Wolf inspired-named Bands, IM them the album)-i am sure they would approve. Us Marylanders/DC folk are all about the friendly manners- we are technically below the Mason Dixon Line. Also, definitely go visit Brightest Young Things as they review the new album, The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations Millennium General Assembly, and interact with these youngsters in the wilds of their 'natural habitat.' Oh yeah. Beautiful blog and review!

this shot just makes me homesick-yeah DC ZOO!
Also add October 3rd and October 2oth to your calendars for their upcoming shows at Bowery Ballroom. The 20th is going to be a hot ticket due to the madness that is CMJ so grab those early! Even with the competition of Justice it is sure to sell out. Le Loup, The Brunettes, Band of Horses and British sensation Foals- damn CMJ just packs them in!
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