Monday, September 24, 2007

Look, all I know is that you're the nicest thing I've ever seen

Sadly this is not from last night-nifty neon signs must not be easy to transport
'Yeah you make me merry, you make me very very i learnt from you.' Kate Nash is on the verge of captivating your complete attention. Armed with carefully etched lovesick songs that are so sweetly intimate they secretly make you remember precious past melancholy moments. You could compare Kate to Regina Spektor: spirited innocence with feminine musical strength. Or maybe Lily Allen: youthful British salt and lip (yes yes- i know she is sick of these comparisons). Or how about Feist: ladylike and armed with fierce ballads representing the best in love and life backed up by pure musical talent. Kate is a girl who was on the path towards trying to be an actress before she stumbled and broke her foot, and we are the lucky ones for her fate. Instead of cancelling her Luna Lounge show  (visa issues?) she decided the show must go on. Hey, it is New York after all. Ahem, Brooklyn. Kate and her band performed a free show to an audience mixed with people who obviously knew her songs and those curious enough to venture out. Feeling her way through a set stacked with, 'Merry Happy,' 'Foundations,' 'Birds,' 'Nicest Thing' she cleverly crafted a 'story' for those in attendance. Admitting to nerves she slowly thawed away her layers of worry and charmed us with wishes of laying out a blanket and handing out cups of tea for her encore, 'Little Red.' I really enjoyed how she constructed her set as a sort of story time amongst her dearest friends. It was the best way to debut her songs and herself to an American audience. With lyrics that read like secret love letters or conversations between girlfriends Kate is immediately endearing and intimate without losing that unique blend of tenderness and spirit. I overwhelmingly recommend her music and her live performance. It is rather inspiring to experience the amount of feminine talent floating around these days. Bat For Lashes,  Kate Nash, Feist, Amy Winehouse, Cat Power, Grace Potter-gone are the days of complaining about manufactured saccharine sweet pop stars. Thank goodness for that. For those checking out her two shows at Joe's Pub tonight you are in for a real treat. Those of you looking for something to do, come to Bowery and check out Natasha and company!
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imperfect said...

i love kate nash, her "foundations" make me cry:'( thank you very much for Nicest thing as mp3:)