Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sound Tribe Sector 9- 2 shows this weekend in NYC

There are things you do because you love your friends...this is one of them.

This weekend Sound Tribe Sector 9 returns to nYc for a two night stand at Nokia Theatre. Now I know STS9 can get looped into the "hippie" music category but these guys are truly quite impressive when it comes to live electronic music. If you are able to put aside the genre that some people throw them into, this band is guaranteed to make you dance, dance, dance and dance some more 'till your feet can't no more. If you are not willing to give these guys a shot live, at least pick up the album "Artifacts" which reached #12 on Billboard's Top Electronic Albums. These guys are incredibly talented musicians who make music that all should embrace or at least try.

-Jaime W.

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