Friday, September 21, 2007

Rosewood Thieves-CONCERT FOR PEACE

The Rosewood Thieves are a band i repeatedly find myself saying are one of my favorite New York Bands. That being said, they have an upcoming show for at Pianos. But i will let them tell you for themselves via their myspace:
"A Concert For Peace will be hosted by The Rosewood Thieves and friends on October 5th at Pianos starting at 9:00pm. The thieves go on at 10pm and will be playing lots of new songs from their soon to be released EP Lonesome and LP The Rosewood Thieves Rise And Shine. Come celebrate LOVE."
Rosewood Thieves-California Moon.mp3
Rosewood Thieves-Demo Film Number One.mp3
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Doctor Mooney said...

Nice! Hope to see ya at the Concert For Peace!

Anonymous said...

They're playing Public Assembly this Sat night 1/31...can't wait to finally see them!