Friday, September 28, 2007


I was a little bit late on the whole Yeasayer discovery. I recognized the name and knew that they had put out a killer track, 2080 which most of the blogs i highly respect had posted on various summer mixes or bands to look out for. However i never took the time to listen to them on my own until after going to see Vampire Weekend at Williamburg Music Hall for my Ajisignal piece. I was sad i had missed Yeasayer and luckily i will get to catch them when they perform at various venues throughout the city during CMJ. Many people have compared them to Peter Gabriel but for me they remind me of my Rusted Roots infatuation during my middle school days. Chris Keating's voice has a rusty, tactile edge to it that could match Michael Glabicki note for note on any of their individual bands' tracks. I very much enjoy how they dab into different styles of music...some songs have a techno backbeat with layers of swooning, jammy melodies. While others feature structered Carribbean or African base beat filled with percussion backing up pop'ish clever lyrics. Whatever it is you hear when you listen to them i hope you enjoy them. They are a unique flash of sound in New Yorks' music scene these days and i look forward to seeing them during their KEXP in studio session. If you cannot make it out to see one of their shows you should stop by Daytrotter who lovingly takes care of all our favorite new artists with incredible live tracks, interviews and some of my favorite artwork around. Thank you Daytrotter!
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