Monday, March 19, 2007


via the tripwire:
HELP - A Letter From Radio Indie Pop's Rob Sacher

As you may be aware the US Copyright Office Copyright Review Board announced a decision late last week that released a ruling on performance royalty fees that are based exclusively on the number of people tuned into an Internet radio station with no consideration given to what, if any, revenue is generated by the broadcaster. This decision has the very real potential to force the closure of a wide realm of online webcasting sources that have significantly impacted the growth and development of independent roots music across all genres. To lose this avenue of promotion and support for roots based music could be potentially devastating with respect not only to its financial impact on the industry, but to its cultural survival.

If this legislation is passed it will be the end of internet radio, including my little broadband station.

It doesn't matter where you live. Go to the link and sign the petition.

Best wishes,

Rob Sacher
Radio Indie Pop

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