Friday, June 6, 2008

Electric Hot Pink Airwaves

Warning Parents: Might Cause Innocents to vibrate and shake
Auzzies. Lately, they are on fire! Modular Records based out of Sydney and home to Cut Copy and The Presets is the label responsible for creating quite the stir on the dance floor this summer. Trusting Jaime as I always do I procured a ticket to see The Presets last night at Bowery Ballroom months ago. Apparently they opened up for both The Rapture and Hot Chip-at two shows I attended, but I do not remember seeing them. Or at least not a performance the likes of which I experienced last night. Dear sweet heaven above I had not danced like that since an LCD Soundsystem or Daft Punk performance. Oh how I had been missing it. Theirs is a show you should experience live if you are at all into any of the bands previously mentioned. Armed with a stellar lighting system (apparently the same people behind the Daft Punk space ship) and the best dance build-up I have heard in a while they are completely worthy of your sweat and best moves. Or worst moves. Whichever you wish to exhibit. The flow for these types of shows can make or break the night and half way through I found myself hoping it would never end. I had not listened much to their album beforehand which did not inhibit my ability to enjoy for theirs is a sound that is delivered with such force and slickness that it does not compare to the studio product. I felt like I was not in Bowery Ballroom where the floor was vibrating underneath a jumping mass of hipsters, scenesters and dancestars*. I would happily go see them upon their return. Definitely on the list of top shows for 2008.
The Presets-Aeons.mp3
The Presets-Together.mp3
The Presets-This Boy's In Love.mp3
JOrtzzzstarrr*- you were severely missed.

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