Friday, June 27, 2008

Writers block=happy weekend post!

Bad thing about starting to be semi-good at my job is it leads to business proposals. Yeah. Which I have absolutely NO CLUE how to write. After staring at my computer while the clock ticks away (in a room without air conditioning) frantically sipping my green tea I still have yet to make a mark on my 'new word document' page. There it is. Staring at me- and one hour of work left to go. Maybe dancing until all hours of the night was not a good idea. Then again, you only live once. Plus it was purely in the name of musical research. One must know ones' competition, right? So i hope you all had way more productive Friday's than myself. If you did not-you still have time. Check out The King Khan and the Shrines. You might find it impossible to stay still while listening to this twelve piece ensemble. Just in time to crank it into the weekend. Enjoy yourself kids. Don't forget to head out to Prospect Park tonight for the FREE Sam Champion, Elvis Perkins, COld War Kiddies Show! Sunday night is the next FRICTION series showcase at The Cake Shop with Crystal Stilts, Tickley Feather and Pwrfl Power. OwoW!
Sonic Youth-Electricity.mp3
Why?-Good Friday.mp3
The White Stripes-Party Of Special Things To Do.mp3
BBQ-Debra Lee.mp3
BBQ-Hang On.mp3
King Khan And The Shrines-Land of The Freak.mp3
King Khan And The Shrines-Wanna Be Girl.mp3

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Anonymous said...

Good summer songs. My commute to work tomorrow just got a little better.