Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm sorry that you would think that I would steal your fire

If i ever had any doubt in my heart of hearts about just how much i daily miss The Strokes then it became crystal clear to me during the Tribeca Film Festival/ASCAP Lounge while listening to Nickle Creeks' Chris Thile cover Heart Beats In It's Cage. The song has such range and strength and seeing it performed simply and cleverly by one musician made me fall in love with it all over again. Not that i could ever shake off or forget how much i dearly and deeply love everything and anything that Julian Casablancas has ever written but it brought it back to me with such a ping of sadness. Their last album did not receive the credit it justly deserved. I will always be proud and loving of what they tried to do. It was a break from Is This It and Room on Fire and the music world barely paused to notice. Just watching the video posted below should make one wake up and realize how fragile and weary-yet forceful and intelligent Julian is as a songwriter. Barely unveiling his feelings in interviews he comes across as being confident and cooler-than-thou but it is all a facade. As a fan I am happy to see his name in the headlines again making music, even if it is for a Converse Ad. Hey, Jules loves his Cons, you can't kick him for that. However, the song could have used a bit more work-especially since it has three talented artists contributing to the flow. Stereogum posted the whole bit here. Look out for the advertisement to hit your local MTV programming sometime soon (most likely). Then immediately run to your Strokes albums and remind yourself of what the rest of the music community seems to have forgotten- that yes, they are brilliant and for a bit they DID change music-especially in NYC. That-you can't ignore.

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