Friday, June 6, 2008

Complaint department

When I started this blog i always promised myself I would never write anything negative about a bands' music. It is not my place to say what is bad, for everyone experiences something different when they listen to music. I believe this for all art forms. You take what you need/want/are looking for and you make it into your own. However, something last night made me stop in my tracks on Layfayette and gasp in pure disgust. I am sorry. It did. So, therefore....i am writing about how unhappy i am with Coldplay. Dear Coldplay, your music is lovely. It is. I would never knock it. I have seen you play live many times, from early on at your first show in DC and even at your most recent NYC show. However, whoever is responsible for their album artwork for their upcoming release is in my book-not okay. Maybe it is because since the age of fifteen on i have had an on going love affair for Delacroix. I wrote a twenty page paper bleeding with "insight" and "affection" about his works en francais in college. Seeing Liberty Leading the People in Paris for the first time was a religious experience. Maybe it is because of my Papa and his labor union rants that I fell so deeply for the French Revolution and the works it inspired. Whatever the cause and reasoning behind it i never thought I would see the day when it was used as album artwork. For a pop band. Yes, i am sure this has been done before to many artists but this is the first to my knowledge. It both deeply angers me and saddens me. I must have looked so upset for a gentleman walking near me during my outburtst of WHAT THE F* stopped me and asked if i was okay. Another reason why NYC is so great...when i admitted what i was upset about he agreed with me. So Coldplay...word on the street- using Delacroix as YOUR album artwork. Not okay. Thank you.

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