Monday, June 16, 2008

4 am Kayne Set and Guitar Heroes~~~~Bonnaroo *08

Lady power-Chan Marshall at the Roo' (streaming video here)
"Fans stood through an intermittent deluge as My Morning Jacket, a band from Louisville that pushes pealing, surging Southern rock toward soul and psychedelia, played a three-hour set in Saturday’s wee hours. “It feels awesome to be bathed in beautiful golden rain,” said the band’s leader, Jim James."
*Read more about My Morning Jacket on their recent album, Evil Urges here or More about Bonnaroo here
~Or see what video selections Jim James favors care of Courier Journal

~Or read about my favorite guitar hero But the day’s most compelling guitar hero was Jack White of the Raconteurs, who has found every emotionally wrenching possibility of 1970s blues-rock. It’s a style that can be easily and deservedly parodied, and Mr. White knows that full well — he’s done some parodies himself. But with the Raconteurs as co-conspirators on dynamics that build slowly before they explode, Mr. White made all the old guitar-hero tricks — the looping climb, the achingly bent note, the jabbing repeated notes speeding up to a frantic tremolo — sound like genuine testifying again, and his wracked, tearful guitar faces only added to the thrill.
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