Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Two shows this week that deserve your lovins

First up are my loves The Rosewood Thieves. Still not sure why people are not falling all over themselves for this band like I am. My dearest friend was lucky enough to see them during Jazz Fest in New Orleans at a venue that sounds like it was tailor made for their particular brand of magic. It was one of the only times he has ever resorted to the use of text messaging on his cell phone which is why i know it was that special sort of experience. The bands' sophomore release Rise and Shine only sets in stone what I have already been preaching since their discovery, that Erick is without a doubt an incredibly talented songwriter and performer. Tonight they are playing at Galapagos with Blow Up Hollywood, Sam Bisbee, Kirsten DeHaan, The Nillaz and Discrete Encounter. Tickets are $15 and you can purchase them here or at the door. If i wasn't heading for the comforts of green forests and skies full of stars for a few days I would be truckin on over to BOTH of the Sera Cahoone shows (Friday at Bowery Ballroom and Saturday at Union Hall in Brooklyn-both opening for label mate Grand Archives). I have been meaning to write about her magical voice and music history for month but never feel like my words describe her album enough. Signed to Sub Pop and a former member of Carissa's Wierd (aka the band members of Band of Horses BEFORE they were Band of Horses) she has also been flying a bit under the radar.
The Rosewood Thieves-She Don't Mind.mp3
The Rosewood Thieves-Murder Ballad in Minor G.mp3 (this song breaks my heart)
Sera Cahoone-Only As The Day Is Long.mp3
Sera Cahoone-You Might As Well.mp3
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