Friday, June 20, 2008

Give thy thoughts no tongue

One of my favorite things about living in nYc during the summer is the free Shakespeare in the park shows. I am a huge huge huge Shakespeare nerd. I have to thank my older and therefore wiser sister for this. She taught herself to read and from that point on was always found propped up in her secret places (usually under tables) coloring and making up stories or poems. After she discovered Sir William her life changed and she became obsessed with all things pertaining to England, particularly London and the walls of her room became covered with soliloquies and lyrical declarations of adoration or disdain- which thanks to the beauty of his writing sort of sound the same. Right now you can check out Hamlet with the talented Lauren Ambrose playing Ophelia. Six Feet Under was and will remain my favorite television show of all time and seeing her on stage would be reason enough for me to wait in line for tickets. Check out the NY Times review. Happy almost Summer!

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