Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Happening

M Night Shyamalan, Sophia Coppola, and Wes Anderson, are my three favorite contemporary directors (in no formal order). I have gone to see all of his films in the theater and squirmed and squealed while taking in the plot's twists and turns. Innovative and obviously an avid lover of Alfred Hitchcock his movies breakdown into the most simplest of plot lines-love and the relationships we have with those that mean the most to us. Templates for his words- the actors within his web always deliver and have provided us, their audience with some of their best on-screen performances. I could not be more excited for this Friday's release--- The Happening. This will be his first film to receive the R rating and not his normal PG-13 and expect the results to be the ultimate experience in spine~tingling suspense. Like all of his other films, M chose to shoot in Pennsylvania forcing the actors out of their comfort zone, embracing the spirit of the movie on another level. Starring Zooey Deschanel it made me appreciate seeing her live with She and Him even more for choosing this role.

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