Monday, June 9, 2008

Who said PArtY?

Cof Cof is ANa AnALÓgiCa and ÁLex CuAradO and they are making the trek from Valencia, Spain to our LES in August. Before that happens you should check out their sound if you are at all fans of CSS, New Young Pony Club, Los Campesinos! or I'm From Barcelona. Yes, some of their tracks sound muffled and could use a bit of production or fine-tuning but it will be worth turning out to see what they have to offer live. Their simple songs in our foreign tongue tell tales of being sloshed on Saturday nights and those horrific girls who steal people's boyfriends, or following your destiny. Storylines that translate no matter where you are from once you are in the realm of pop music.

********UPCOMING SHOWS**************
Jun 27-Nasti Valencia~Valencia, Valencia
Jul 2-Rolando y su funnybunny~Barcelona
Aug 20-Lit Lounge NY, New York
Aug 22-Rehab~NY, New York
Aug 23-Crash Mansion~NY, New York
Cof Cof-Caribbean Boy.mp3
Cof Cof- My Hdd Is Broken.mp3

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