Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I will dance and sway while you dream away~

Memories of Seneca Lake
Scandanavian singer/songwriter Tallest Man on Earth aka Kristian Matsson finds himself the object of my affection this week. He warbles and squeals in all the right places and I imagine him to have the stage prescence of Elvis Perkins. What first struck a cord with me is not who he obviously sounds like but how his voice has a pulse all of it's own that is at once both warm and endearing. Most of the other men who are trying to imminate their idols are stoic and aloof yet Kristian in comparison seems optimistic- almost jovial in his delivery. I was shocked to discover he hails from Sweden since he sounds like he has just woken up from an afternoon moonshine induced slumber, birds chirping in the background armed with a crackling, dusty guitar. It is elements like this that set him apart from the pack as well as his adoration for some other American storytellers such one of the best bluesman, legendary John Hurt. When I first became a fan of Jose it was because of his skittish, shy delivery and breathtaking lyrics. Kristian's melodies are simple yet alluring and he is a welcome presence on the scene. Shallow grave is his first full-length debut album and was released on the Scandinavia market back in March through Trough Gravitation/Border. European and US releases to follow.
The Tallest Man On Earth-Over The Hills.mp3
Tallest Man On Earth-Won't Be Found.mp3 *my favorite*

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