Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hot Lava

My office is quite the steamy little location. Reminiscent of a lair from Being John Malkovich you literally have to duck down a little hallway to enter my territory. Comfy and cozy it is my very first office that is all mine. Love it as i may-today the air conditioning is not working which has been...well...toasty. The perfect setting for discovering a band that i have been listening to and loving with massive amounts of affection, Hot Lava. Hailing from Richmond, VA the threesome fill my on going need for electronic chirps and clips on their beautifully composed album, Lavalogy. Defined as 'catchy indie-pop' they impressed me with the range of the lyrics and sounds that grow with each track.
Hot Lava-Over It.mp3
Hot Lava-O Retorno Da Lovefoxxx.mp3
Hot Lava-JPG in the Sun.mp3

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