Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And we're slow to acknowledge the knots in our laces

I spend my days working in the music industry yet i studied biology and environmental studies. Shortly after graduating i took a job canvasing outside of DC trying to convince people to sign the clean-air act. Daily i became more and more disenchanted with my career path interrupting families during their dinner with their families. Most of the time they refused to even listen. It was definitely not the job for me and shortly thereafter I moved to the concrete streets of nYc and have not returned to work towards environmental protection since. Wherever I work I recycle everything i can get my hands on and even when I know it might be crossing the line (like yelling at my boss when he callously tosses his 5th plastic water bottle of the day in the bin) i still stand up for what i believe in. If you don't try to do your own part, no matter how small-things won't change. You know there is a problem when parts of the globe that are not even inhabited are experiencing pollution problems to the extent like this ONE beach in Alaska. Just one beach...out of thousands. Yesterday i started working even closer with a company, i could not adore more and it made me love them even more when i inquired after all of the newsprint and bubblewrap used to transport cds from Seattle to our shores and i was told to hold onto them until we could a. reuse these supplies or b. recycle them. Sticking to what you hold dear and believe in always pays off and in my experience leads you to some of the most wonderful people you could possibly meet- who think likewise. “If you go to Subway, and they give you the plastic bag, how long do you use the plastic bag? One minute. And how long will the polymers in that bag last? Hundreds of years.”
*Rest of the article in the New York Times describing the problem in detail

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