Friday, June 6, 2008

~`IL fAit cHaud`~

So looks like we are going to hit our first HOT weekend of the (almost) summer in the city. Highly exciting. Especially since there are some incredibly good shows to go to- one of which that allows you to enjoy the sun and music at the same time. Lucky Dragons tomorrow as part of the East River Music Project starting at 2 PM sharp. Tonight Pela, a KEXP favorite is playing at Bowery with one of my local favorites The Big Sleep. If you have not seen them, you should. Recently Billy McCarthy sliced a tendon in his hand during a live performance- gruesome yes, passionate-100%. Sunday is the next FRICTION series concert with THESE NEW PURITANS(so excited!) at Billyburg Music Hall. You know it. So slap on some sunblock, download all of these goodies from some of my favorite lady lovers and enjoy your weekend. You~earned~it.
Lykke Li-I'm Good I'm Gone-(Black Kids Re-mix).mp3
*Dear dear Lykke Li- so my love for the summer!
Vivian Girls-Where Do You Run To.mp3
Stricken City-Tak o Tak.mp3
Portishead-We Carry On.mp3
*Just getting into this album---expect more gushing once I have throughly become involved.
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