Thursday, June 19, 2008

Modest Mouse-Tonight at WMH Tickets on Sale At Noon

This is tough because i LOVE Modest Mouse. Have for ages...all throughout their grey days and into their glory days of opening for R.E.M. at MSG tonight. They are stellar live and their fans are some of the most fun people to hang out with of all the shows i have attended. They sing along, they don't push and they genuinely give back love towards the stage with every song. If it wasn't for CRYSTAL CASTLES being down the street at Studio B I would be there. I have a feeling both will be hitting the stage at the same time and well...Crystal Castles is like crack to my ears right now. If you do head out for Modest Mouse you should go early and see The Rosewood Thieves at Galapagos with Luke Temple. Tickets for Modest Mouse go on sale at Noon HERE.
****THIS SHOW IS AT 1 AM************
Modest Mouse-Fire It Up.mp3
Modest Mouse-Dramamine.mp3
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