Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Empyrean landscapes

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Take Your Time is the latest exhibition from Danish-Icelandic artist
Olafur Eliasson. Unabashedly inspired during numerous hiking trips to Iceland, his installations embrace the textures, landscapes, and ever-changing environments that make it one of the most treasured environmental beauties on our earth. Exploring the opening hallway one is drenched by swaths of brilliant yellow that sucks out all other life- leaving your palms splattered with blue hints of blood and your veins bulging below your skin you feel small and unknown. Beyond the horizon a rainbow envelopes you in a circular wave of ever-changing light washing over your senses and slowly strangling your pupils as it conquers the rest of your brains' ability to identify and interpret. Obsolete, barren, abrasive, overwhelming, encompassing, fragile, magical, mysterious, endangered and unknown Iceland continues to inspire and give birth to some of the most ethereal forms of art to be embraced during our time. This was not simply a Sigur Ros performance and from the expression of those gathered around me last night I knew I was not alone with my sentimental emotions. It was a showcase of beauty and of love. They sing in a tongue you cannot understand, allowing you to simply exhale and enjoy. Whatever emotion washes over you is welcome in its' purest form without judgement or question. Just like Olafurs' entrance bathed in light Sigur Ros broke through the pretension and fashion of the New York gathered crowd with Svefn-G-Englar, dousing us with a warmth of sound and commencing the outlandish experience we were about to embark upon. With songs that tingle like weeping raindrops and stream along with instrumental footprints that captivate and illuminate theirs is a expression of purity. Luckily I was close enough to be in a space where all those gathered were completely entrenched and stood silently or swayed with their eyes full of awe and affection. So strikingly passionate and beautiful if you enjoy their music it creeps into you and seeks out your most primordial senses and emotions. We all forget how small our planet is most of the time. We rush around and work towards a goal such as a job, an apartment, a vacation, or a relationship. But at times we step back and enjoy the gifts we have been given and the instincts that unite us. We love what we love, we fight for what we believe in and with promise, we hope. Music unites, creates and inspires. For fans of Sigur Ros their show does all of these things with splendor and grace.

*(Setlist care of Jaime, thank you)
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chris said...

sher-you are so beautiful-this is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

definitely better than reading all the shitty comments on BV. glad you enjoyed and have some respect for good live music. keep it up.