Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Woah spark*ly Pants!

Hey JOrtzzzstarrr* you NEED those shorts...
Man that M.I.A.'s knows how to gain attention, first with our government and now with her Flash*y pants! Much buzz has been surrounding her latest effort with leaks and snips of the music stripped from various music blogs almost instantaneously. Her show in Los Angeles didn't recieve the warmest reviews, however, i for one think she looks fantastic. So fantastic that i demanded JOrtzzzstarrr* check it out-for if anyone can pull off this ensemble it would be her. Oh and forgetting for a second that i am not a fashionista and this is a music blog you should go procure yourself the new album here for its' August 21st release date. Excited to check her out this weekend during Lollapalooza!
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