Monday, July 9, 2007

Little Boxes on the hillside...little boxes made of ticky-tack

I know where i will be on monday nights throughout August-happily planted on my futon to watch the third season of Weeds. How are Nancy and Conrad going to get out of this one and is Mary Kate Olsen really joining the cast?! But seriously, anything with Justin Kirk is just magic to me. Love him! And the opening song of course. Last season Regina Spektor, Jenny Lewis, Death Cab for Cutie, Elvis Costello and others lended their version of the catchy theme song. This year new comers Joan Baez, Donovan, Billy Bob Thornton, The Shins, Michael Franti, The Individuals, Angelique Kidjo, Kinky and Man Man, and Persephone's Bees will give it a try. "The show's third season will kick off on Monday, Aug. 13 with Grammy and Oscar winner Randy Newman singing the semi-classic Malvina Reynolds track."
Elvis Costello-Little Boxes.mp3
Death Cab for Cutie-Little Boxes.mp3
Regina Spektor-Little Boxes.mp3

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