Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tokyo Police Club @ Bowery

Tokyo Police Club-touring makes you hungry!
Last night marked the conclusion of Tokyo Police Clubs' first true headlining tour and a pretty big step for a band a year ago that was looking to gain attention. And gain attention they sure did- with two sold out shows at the Bowery Ballroom to mark the end of a successful tour. By no means was it their strongest performance that i have seen, but the last 5 or so songs really picked up the energy and reminded me why this still is an act I enjoy to catch.

On a side note, what I witnessed at the Bowery last night by one fan was absolutely disgraceful...throughout the whole show there seem to be a fan that just thought you come to concerts to chat with friends and pay no attention to the performance going on and the fans around you. It got so bad that one fan finally decided to tell security and they told him they would keep there eye on him. Once the show was about over security had enough and grabbed the fan who proceeded to throw a punch that landed on the fan that notified security which seemed to break the kids nose...blood was everywhere and I personally just felt terrible for the kid who just got clocked. Luckily Bowery did not just kick this a**hole out, but held him on the ground and called the cops which arrested the person. As fans poured out everyone had the privilege to stare down this pr*ck who thought it's all good to act like a jerk since he was drunk. Well, I hope that kid gets hit with an assault charge and the Bowery bans this person from stepping foot into any of their shows and his loser of a girlfirend that was participating in his acts gets some sense checked into her head. Anyhow, hope the kid who got clocked sues that mofo and feels better. I never get people that come to shows to ruin everyone's experience but last night I am glad the person who decided to act like this will be seeing repercussion for his classless actions.
Tokyo Police Club-Citizens Of Tomorrow.mp3 (hopefully they won't be rude concert attendees!!!)
Tokyo Police Club-Nature of the Experiment.mp3
Tokyo Police Club-Be Good.mp3
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-Jaime W.

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Rachel! said...

Hi, you don't know me and I just stumbled on your page. I was at this show and that douche that got arrested spilled beer on me during Harlem Shakes while grinding on his girlfriend. So just wanted put a seal of approval on this entry. ..TPC=Awesome, trying to start fight club with involuntary patrons=bad