Thursday, August 16, 2007


Asian version of JOrtzzzstarrr*-yes she is that hip-she has an asian cartoon character
F-c-B-c-n-Y-c. Bookmark it. Read it. Love it. What to do with your time at work when you aren't reading my blog or watching Flight of the Conchords in secret. Now you have a solution! Not only is it a good place to find out what our lovely JOrtzzzstarrr* is getting into but you can meet her three spicey co-bloggers as well. Vern is after my own heart with her FANTASTIC obsession with all things Star Wars. But be forewarned dear readers-she knows her way around anything tech savy better than any boy with a pocket protector could ever be prepared for. Watch out for Pants-not only will she tell you what you should be or should NOT be wearing-she will do it in such a manner that has you laughing out loud at your desk. The kind of laughing that draws glares from your co-workers because you are happy for a moment during your boring day job and they are not. Yeah, you know the look. Lastly, but not least is P. How to introduce P. Well-his stories will stand up for themselves enough to let him make the introduction himself. Yep. He's that badass. Just wait. So now you've met the crew-and as i said, Bookmark it. Read it. Love it. Do you really want to know what will happen if you don't? And as any proper introduction to another blog should have, check out the Flight of the Conchords tracks listed below as a tribute. (P-i wanted to post-'If That's Something You'd Be Into' but i couldnt...sorry!)
Flight of the Conchords-For Vern-Goodbye Leggy Blonde.mp3
Flight of the Conchords-For Vern-Robots (Live).mp3
Flight of the Conchords-For JOrtz!-Business Time.mp3
Flight of The Conchords-For Pants-Sally.mp3
Mother F'in Dolly Parton-For P-Jolene.mp3


Whoredache said...

OH MAH GAWD! This is the nicest. most thoughtful shoutout I have EVA SEEN! I HEART SHELVES OF VINYL and I HEART (am i supposed to give away your identity?). know who you are!

p said...

awwww shucks. yous a gem. see you sat night. i will be wearing a sars mask because that place smells like someone shit their pants.

i would know the smell because i recently did shit my pants.

hugs and kisses.