Friday, September 25, 2009

The Middle East

'Blood' The Middle East

This video is hands down my favorite video to come out this year. While we watch the disappearance of record stores, magazines, record labels, radio stations, and actual physical cds, records and tapes there are things that come up and make you remember the first time you saw a music video and have hope that all is still ALIVE, CREATIVE and WELL within the music community. Thank you Middle East for this latest inspiration. Hailing all the way from Townsville, Queensland, Australia this band was a bit difficult to dig up information to report back. I did uncover that this stop-animated video for 'Blood' was directed by the Sydney Art Collective Greedy Hen. I will admit...this made me cry. Just a little bit. For reasons I don't even know or can explain. Simply, it is beautiful, the song is beautiful and it is always an amazing thing when something touches you on such a strong emotional level. I cannot wait to hear more from this band.
*Middle East Myspace
*They are currently touring lucky Auzzzzies!

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