Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No One Likes A Nervous Wreck

When it comes to music the sounds that I tend to listen to the most are those voices that flow effervescently out of their owners throats like the most natural of bodily reactions. Their are some singers whose voices sound like they are more one with their character than their own speaking voice. Shannon Stephens is one of those people. Having just released her second album, The Breadwinner I have much catching up to do when it comes to knowing her whole catalog of music. Based out of Seattle this record was ten years in the making and is a stunning collage of reeds, horn, cello and piano. Like the fresh salt water air of the west coast and the steamy deep forests her sound embodies all of the mysterious elements of water, air and land that make up the traditional North-Western sound many have loved throughout recent records (Cave Singers, Fleet Foxes, Horsefeathers, Lightning Dust). Formerly of the Michigan-based band Marzuki (with Matt Haseltine, Sufjan Stevens and Jamie Kempers) Shannon explains the writing and time spent behind this album as a testament to her love for her daughter, husband, garden and planet. A mother to all of these things her songs cuddle and cradle you within their depths making all ills melt into the void. Please check her out here.
Shannon Stephens released Breadwinner last week via Asthmatic Kitty

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