Tuesday, August 25, 2009

They line up in row after row...

There is a major reason why i do not read Pitchfork. I do not like the idea of one website making or breaking a band. All those months of hard work writing melodies let alone lyrics. When was the last time you tried to write a song P-fiddle...or try a letter to a friend- or even a thank you card for that matter. None of this can be researched and I am sure they are all incredibly lovely people at heart. They write their opinions about things just as I do. The MAIN reason I do not read Pitchfork is because they are snobs. SNOBS to the core. They ignore a lot of good bands until they are popular enough for their standards. This usually comes about only after the band has been written about a million times by the 'smaller blogs' and Pitchfork is forced to pay attention due to sold out shows or NYC buzz. This is true. This can be statistically proven. Take for instance my beloved Fanfarlo. They are going to be huge. They sold out Mercury Lounge and had their show moved to Bowery Ballroom before they even had their single released. (*check-sold out show). They have the interesting indie details: the little girl in the bird mask on the cover of the album is Jonsi from Sigur Ros' sister---which is how the band got it's name. (*check-hipster cred) They have attracted the attention of writers who I do read and highly respect such as Culture Bully and I Am Fuel, You Are Friends. (*check-blog buzz from people who do their own research) All of this could mean nothing except for the fact that their music is fiercely beautiful and their album, "Reservoir" will be one of the best of the year. It will beat Grizzly Bear's latest and Deer Tick on my list. Before the band had the official video for their first single, "The Walls" they had four or five home made videos from their backyards which were just as classy and blog worthy as any Vincent Moon story. Still Pitchfork has ignored them. They played showcase after showcase at SXSW and over the month of September have a session scheduled with KEXP. Still...not good enough for Pitchfork. But crap bands like the Drums are? Seriously people. This is why I do not read Pitchfork. Because if you hold your breath and wait for them to decide whether or not something will receive enough hits you----my dear reader----are the ones who miss out. You will be late to loving an album that you could have been excited about for weeks, or a show that will already be sold out by the time it is posted. Which is why baby blogs matter-because after all if no one else is reading this but myself--I will still feel satisfied that I at least loved Fanfarlo from the very beginning. Who needs a 9.2 review?

"I demand you get into Fanfarlo as soon as humanly possible, assuming you haven't already."-Personal Sauna
Fanfarlo's Reservoir is due out October 6th.

Sep 14*Chop Suey*Seattle
Sep 15*Troubadour*West Hollywood
Sep 17*Popscene*San Francisco
Sep 20*Kungfu Necktie*Philadelphia
Sep 21*Bowery Ballroom*New York
Sep 22*The Bell House*New York


paul said...

i like fanfarlo. have you listened to the low anthem much yet? they put on a phenomenal show last night at the bell house.

hope all is well with you.

Anonymous said...

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shelvesofvinyl said...

love love low anthem. one of my favorite albums of the year. Glad you enjoyed their show at the Bell House!